Robbie Williams is one of the most successful British musicians of recent times. A former member of 90s boyband Take That, Robbie is a hugely popular star in his own right – he’s bagged seven number one singles in the United Kingdom and all but one of his 12 studio albums reached the top spot in the UK charts.

Six of Robbie’s albums are among the top 100 biggest-selling albums ever in the UK and, in 2006, he earned himself a Guinness World Record when he sold 1.6 million tickets for his Close Encounters Tour in a single day.

He’s amassed a net worth of around $300 million and he spends lavishly as a result. Let’s look at eight ways in which he has done so.

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Hair Loss Treatment

Like a lot of high-profile celebrities, Robbie Williams takes a lot of pride in his appearance – and that, of course, extends to his hair. In 2013, Robbie revealed that he’d undergone an unnecessary hair transplant out of “boredom” – but he’s since had some procedures more out of necessity.

In early 2022, having actually started to lose his hair, the star admitted he’d spent ‘an absolute fortune’ on hair loss injections that didn’t even work! There’s no doubt he’ll end up spending more on preserving his locks in the future.

Luxury Cars

Although he can’t even drive, Robbie Williams is a big car fan – in fact, he spent a whopping $1 million on a number of cars in a single day! He bought five in total that day, each of which cost a minimum of $170,000.

Robbie revealed that none other than Elton John was the inspiration behind his love of cars, after having seen the superstar’s impressive collection (which included, amongst others, Ferraris and Aston Martins) back when he was just a teenager. It might be worth getting yourself a driving license, Rob!

Lavish Vacations

Like most people, Robbie Williams loves a vacation with his family – and, in 2021, he revealed that he’d spent “a fortune” on vacations with his wife Ayda Field and their kids, trying (apparently unsuccessfully) to recreate the magic of the vacations of his youth.

When Robbie was younger, he and his family vacationed at Pontins holiday camps in the UK, where he would sleep with the camp staff (known as Blue Coats at Pontins). Although, he admits that period of his life was “crass”, he loved his bed-hopping antics and fondly remembers the vacations on which they occurred to this day.

Amazing Homes

When you have as much money as Robbie Williams, you can afford to live in amazing houses – and Robbie has spent an absolute fortune on homes all over the world.

Most recently, for example, he has purchased a £24 million dollar dream villa in Switzerland and a £39 million mansion in Los Angeles for himself and his family. The Swiss villa is a 365 square-metre property in a village just off the shores of Lake Geneva and the LA property boasts features like an abnormally enormous kitchen and a swimming pool. He also bought a supposedly haunted mansion in Wiltshire, England for £8.1 million back in 2009.

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Expensive Holiday Wear

As a super-rich celebrity, you’d expect Robbie Williams to have expensive taste in fashion, but you might be a little more surprised to learn how much he spends on his holiday wear.

Back in 2020, back when he and his family were isolating in California, Robbie posted picture of himself sunbathing while wearing a pair of Versace swimming trunks, which you have to imagine cost quite a lot. In 2021, he was photographed in Greece wearing a pair of $650 Versace shorts, along with some stylish Louis Vuitton shades and a pair of Gucci sliders – both of which he would undoubtedly have paid a small fortune for.

A Yacht

We’ve already established that Robbie loves a vacation – and that probably explains why, back in 2008, he purchased his own yacht for a cool £8 million.

He bought the luxury vessel from Italian boat company Riva and subsequently had “My RW” – the latter part obviously being his own initials – engraved on to the top of it (note that it’s not Robbie’s yacht pictured above, as there aren’t any image available of that, but you get the idea!).

A Stake In His Favourite Football Team

Robbie Williams was born in Stoke-on-Trent in England and is a huge football (soccer) fan. One of Robbie’s local football clubs is Port Vale – and that’s who he supports as a result. Back in 2008, Robbie bought a stake in the club – although the exact size of his investment was never revealed.

The star’s love of Port Vale is so deep that he has actually collaborated with them in a number of ways over the years. Perhaps most notably, in 2020, he helped to design the club’s kit for the 2020-21 season.

His Wife’s Wedding Ring

As we’ve briefly touched upon, Robbie Williams is married to the beautiful model and actress Ayda Field. The pair started dating in 2006 and they wed at Robbie’s home in Mulholland Estates in Beverly Hills in 2010.

The couple clearly love each other very much and Robbie is obviously happy to spend a lot of money buying nice things for Ayda. In 2017, he actually revealed that, aside from property, the most expensive thing he ever purchased was her wedding ring! Although the exact cost of the ring was never revealed, given how much money Robbie has spent on other luxury items over the years, it must have been a heck of a lot!

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