Demi Lovato wasn’t kidding when they suggested their upcoming album, “Holy Fvck,” would usher in a new phase of their career. The singer debuted “Skin of My Teeth,” the first single from the album, on the June 10 episode of “The Tonight Show,” and it’s a rock anthem unlike anything they’ve ever done before. It also happens to be a deeply personal song inspired by Lovato’s history of drug addiction as well as their mental health struggles.

The song is being released just months after Lovato left rehab in January, as reported by Entertainment Tonight, and they told “The Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon that they’re proud to say this album was written while they were completely sober. “I’ve definitely been through a ton. That’s no secret to the world,” they said.

“After going through even more stuff last year, I came out of treatment again, and I realized I really want to do this for myself, and I want to make the best album possible,” Lovato continued. “Something that really represents who I am, and I think the best way to do that — and the easiest way to do that, and the most authentic — is to do it clean and sober. I made this album, you know, clean and sober. I can’t say that about my last album, but this one I’m really proud about.”

Right from the start of their new single, Lovato makes it clear they’re drawing on real-life experiences for “Skin of My Teeth.” At the start of the song, they sing: “Demi leaves rehab again / When is this sh*t gonna end? / Sounds like the voice in my head / I can’t believe I’m not dead / I’m alive by the skin of my teeth / I survived, but it got harder to breathe / Askin’ why doesn’t make it easier / Go easier on me.”

In addition to performing “Skin of My Teeth” on “The Tonight Show,” Lovato also released a haunting music video for the single. In the video, the singer is stalked by a demon — as well as what appears to be the paparazzi. The dark punk-rock vibes prove to be fitting for the subject matter.

“Holy Fvck” is set to be released on Aug. 19.

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