No matter how many times you empty the lint catcher in your dryer, there's usually some dust that gets left behind in the cracks and crevices. If you're on the hunt for a way to clean out that pesky buildup, look no further than this $11 dryer lint vacuum attachment and brush combo pack. 

In addition to coating your clothes in a layer of dust, excess dryer lint can lead to dangerous fires. That's why you should clear out your lint trap before and after each load of clothes, and do another pass through with a vacuum cleaner or dust brush. 

This dryer cleaning kit comes with an adapter that attaches directly to any vacuum cleaner model, a second adapter that connects the first one to the dryer hose attachment, and the hose attachment itself. It also includes a flexible brush with a wooden handle that fits into the dryer filter and vent for a quicker cleaning experience. 

Buy It! Holikme Dryer Lint Vacuum Attachment and Flexible Dryer Lint Brush, $10.95 (orig. $16.99); 

"I could not believe the amount of lint that I was able to vacuum out of the filter area, even though I conscientiously clean the filter every time I dry a load of laundry," one reviewer wrote.  

"The attachment works great and was able to access the lower area of the filter space that I didn't even know was there. It also worked well on cleaning the vent on the outside of our house."

"I've never deep-cleaned a dryer before, and now I regret that decision," another shopper wrote. "Between the brush and the hose I got SO MUCH lint out of my dryer, and it makes me wonder about the likely dangerous levels of lint buildup there were in previous units I've used."

For just $11, you can get your cleanest dryer ever and have peace of mind knowing there's no flammable excess lint hiding in your machine. Shop the full dryer lint cleaning kit on Amazon while it's still on sale.  

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