The popular curvy mirror that dominated Instagram in 2021 is getting an update ahead of the new year with this miniature version from Gustaf Westman.

For homeware lovers looking to update their decor in the new year, we have something for you that is sure to push you ahead of the curve (no pun intended).

The extremely popular curvy mirror that dominated Instagram feeds this summer is getting a 2022 update thanks to Gustaf Westman.

Made in Sweden, the bite-sized curvy mirror micro is designed in lacquered wood with a curved frame and is similar to the floor-length version we saw all over social media.

“I wanted to make a more accessible, smaller mirror, with a more diverse usage than the big ones,” said Westman. 

“The curvy mirror micro is four times smaller than the original curvy mirror, so it’s the exact same proportions but in a size that fits all spaces.”

Westman’s covetable mirror comes in a variety of playful candy-coloured shades including baby blue, yellow, soft pink and bright red and is known for being the ultimate selfie mirror that will add a whimsical touch to your home.

Gustaf Westman’s bite-sized curvy mirror micro is available to buy now.

Images: courtesy of Gustaf Westman

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