Homebase advises on looking after your garden in winter

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December gardens can look tired and unloved, especially if they haven’t been maintained for a few months. Dead leaves on pathways, overgrown grass and even dirty gardening tools can make a garden look messy. Homebase UK has shared their top 10 garden tasks to do in December.

Some people may think there’s less to do in winter due to the change in weather, however, this is not the case.

There’s plenty of jobs gardeners can be getting on with like maintenance, harvesting and stopping preventing ponds from freezing over with a handy ball hack.

Here’s a list of things to do in the garden this December:

The expert said: “Check your winter protection structures are still in place.

“Check greenhouse heaters are working and get your garden tools cleaned up and oiled.

“Prevent ponds and standpipes from freezing.”

The gardening experts recommended putting a ball into the pond to stop it freezing.

They used a standard football and splashed it into the pond.

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The garden pro also said now is a good time of year to prune certain trees.

“Prune acers, birches and vines before Christmas to avoid bleeding,” he added.

Trees can bleed sap depending on the variety or their condition.

Sap is produced in the leaves or needles of trees and is distributed throughout the tree.

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Pruning or disease can lead to sap bleeding from a tree.

However, bleeding from pruning cuts is usually not harmful and the tree will heal over time.

If gardeners have winter vegetables still in the ground, it may be time to harvest them.

The garden expert continued: “Harvest leeks, parsnips, winter cabbage, sprouts and remaining root crops.

“Deciduous trees and shrubs can be planted and transplanted.

“Plant out bare root plants from November to March.

“It’s a good time to add a tree to your garden for next year.

“Finally, plant out spring bedding such as wallflowers primulas and winter pansies in beds and containers.”

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