David Domoney provides advice on popular houseplants

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David Domoney, who is the resident gardener on ITV’s This Morning, also has his own YouTube channel where he shares various gardening tips and tricks. In a recent video, the expert shared his favourite houseplants, including watering and placement advice.

He said: “Bringing houseplants into the home adds a real touch of class, and a quality feeling inside, whether it’s on a windowsill or even a conservatory.

“Choosing the right plants to last and give you a lot of colour couldn’t be easier.”

The gardening expert listed his favourite houseplants and simple tips on how to care for them.

He explained: “Now, I’ve got to start with the all-time classic, you see in most homes, it’s the Swiss cheese plant, Monstera Deliciosa.

“It’s called that because it’s got holes in the leaves, just here.

“They’re really easy to care for.

“A little bit of leaf wipe over the surface keeps the leaves nice and glossy, and it’s a really low maintenance plant.”

Another one of David’s favourites is the Flaming Katy, also known as Kalanchoe.

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He said: “They are lovely. Look at this, bursting full of buds, just waiting to come out to these bright red flowers.

“You can get white ones, you can get orange ones and of course you can get pink ones too, they work really well.

“The fleshy leaves means that they don’t need too much water, so they’re really good, low maintenance plants.

“They’re great in bathrooms and kitchen windowsills, they go really well and they’re quite cheap too.

“I think they’re £2 or something similar, they bring a lot of colour.”

David explained that another of his favourites is an orchid due to its wonderful colouring.

He went on: “Now, the secret with any orchid is do not let it sit in water.

“The best thing to do is choose a container that’s glass so the roots can photosynthesise.

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“You can also make sure that it’s not sitting in water too, you’ll have great success with all your orchids.”

Lastly, David showed off his dragon tree plant, also known as the Dracaena Marginata.

The gardening expert explained: “[It’s] one of the toughest houseplants you can get.

“It adds a touch of architectural shape into any home.

“Deep green in the middle, with these lovely red margins to the outer part of the leaf.”

According to David, they are incredibly easy to look after and grow well on a windowsill in the conservatory.

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