When Mondays leave you worn out, making a delicious and healthy dinner is often the first thing to go. Hey, sometimes sacrifices have to be made in the name of mental health! Celebrity chef Rachael Ray understands the struggle, which is why she shared this easy, one-pan skillet supper recipe on Instagram — and it looks so good!

The Rachael Ray Show Instagram posted a picture today of a dinner made with just one pan, perfect for easy cooking and quick clean-up. The photo features braised sausages with vegetables and beans, with a layer of crusty, buttery bread circling the edges of the skillet.


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“Rachael shares her one-pan braised sausages with fennel, cannellini beans, escarole + kale in a light lemony broth that John makes for her when she’s sick,” wrote the @rachelrayshow in the caption.

She also shared the Sausage and Beans with Greens recipe on her website, along with a video. The dinner requires sweet Italian sausage, small bulb fennel, onion, garlic, white wine, escarole, flat kale, nutmeg, white beans (known as cannellini beans), ciabatta, and a few other ingredients. Everything comes together and cooks in a nonstick skillet — how awesome is that?

Cook the sausage first, then put them on a platter covered with foil to keep warm. Next, add the oil, fennel, and more to the pan on high heat. Reduce and add a few more ingredients. Once it’s finished cooking,  put the sausages back in the pan and squeeze lemon over the top. Finally, arrange the bread around the edge of the pan ad serve it. The finished meal is enough for a family of four.

For a dinner that is full of flavor and nutrients, it’s surprisingly simple to put together. It looks like Monday night dinner will be a success, after all! Now, if only we could find something just as easy for Tuesday…

Get Ray’s Sausage and Beans with Greens recipe.

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