You can find damn-near everything at Costco. Every day grocery essentials? Of course. Quick, ready-to-bake weeknight dinners? Plenty of it. Lounge chairs and other outdoor furniture to deck out your patio this upcoming summer? Check, check, check. But our favorite Costco finds? Decadent, creamy, ooey-gooey desserts, from their popular oversized cheesecakes to the most recent Costco find that’s already become a shopper-favorite, Death by Chocolate Dessert Cups. Because not only are these individual dessert cups filled to the brim with layers upon layers of chocolate, but these desserts also put reusability and sustainability first.

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“Death by Chocolate Dessert Cups are at Costco! 🤤,” writes Costco Buys. “Grab a 6-pack for $10.99!”

La Vie Gourmand’s Death by Chocolate Dessert cups are dubbed “the ultimate chocolate experience” — and that they are. Each of the six, 2.3-ounce jars boast layers of varying textures of chocolate, from chocolate cake and chocolate mousse to chocolate cookie crumbles and chocolate cream.

“So good and not too sweet,” one of the comments on Costco Buys’ Instagram post reads.

But what we might love more than how this dessert tastes is that they’re served in reusable glass Mason jars. Because who doesn’t love having a back stock of Mason jars to store — or serve! — food in? In fact, according to one Costco shopper, the Mason jars are a perfect fit for Costco’s mini chocolate cookies.

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“So many of the Costco jars and containers are wonderfully recyclable,” writes one Redditor, adding in a separate comment, “I also bought some mousse type desserts last year that came in cute clear glasses and they make perfect shot glasses and serving cups for tiny parfaits or treats.”

Sold? Us, too. You can find La Vie Gourmand’s Death by Chocolate Dessert cups in the refrigerated section of Costco stores. They’re just $10.99 for a six-pack.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with more awesome Costco bakery items seen in the gallery below.

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