Rivers Cuomo recently took to Twitter to announce the launch of “Weezle,” a Weezer-themed version of Wordle.

“If you like Wordle and Weezer, you’ll probably like Weezle,” Cuomo wrote on Twitter and also shared the official link for the puzzle game.

The free browser game gives the player six tries to guess the correct word of the day. However, unlike Wordle, Weezle’s word of the day will only consist of lyrics from a Weezer song.

Fans soon started trying their hand at the word game and shared their results as well.

Weezle is the second musician-themed Wordle game to crop up in recent weeks. Only recently, The Holy Swift podcast hosts Jessica Zaleski, Krista Doyle and Kelly Boyles teamed up to make a Taylor Swift-themed Wordle game called “Taylordle.”

According to their tweet announcing the news, all of the words featured in Taylordle are a “part of the Swiftie universe.”

(Photo: Sean Murphy)

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