WITH Christmas just around the corner, it's time we gave our house a good clean – there's no worse feeling than realising your guests have to walk through clutter.

This also includes your toilet – and although it sometimes feels like it would take you ages to sort out everything, it's actually not as difficult.

Especially if you know these simple hacks shared by cleaning experts!

If your toilet bowl is looking a bit dire and is in an urgent need for a deep clean that won't take hours of intense scrubbing, grab a bottle of mouthwash!

You read it correctly – instead of wasting your money on yet another cleaning product that won't be as effective as claimed to be, your mouthwash is the answer!


Not only will the liquid do wonders for your pearly whites but also make your toilet bowl as sparkly as brand new!

For this, you will simply need to pour a cupful of it and let it marinate for half an hour.

Once the timer hits the 30 minute mark, give it a little scrub – and anything unwanted will come off easily.

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Are your mirrors always left with streaks each time you attempt to clean them?

To the point where you wished you never bothered at all?

Well, there's a quick solution – white vinegar.

Simply mix a bit of cold water with a splash of this kitchen ingredient, spray it on the spotty mirror and wipe it with a microfiber cloth.

As well as less costly, not only is this homemade mixture more effective but also doesn't contain any harsh chemicals, such as ammonia, which are found in most cleaning products.

Now, let's deal with the sink which is now refusing to drain after a haircut.

Your first instinct would be calling the plumber, who would make this already expensive month even more costly.

But just before you reach for your phone, try this hack with coffee.

Use the leftover coffee grounds from your morning brew and add a few squirts of dish soap.

Then place the sticky mixture into your drain and follow it with a lengthy pour of boiling hot water.

This combination is meant to break up whatever is clogging your pipes.

No more wasting money, time and energy!

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