THERE'S no denying that the pandemic has turned the way we work completely on its head.

But if you weren't lucky enough to be able to work from home back in March 2020, it was time to come up with Plan B – or at least this was the case for DIY fan Lainey.

Speaking to 9Honey, the childcare worker explained how she's found herself in and out of work since Covid hit.

Last year, the 24-year-old was nervous about how she was going to afford Christmas presents for her loved ones so started to exploring other sources of income.

She explained: "When I went on Gumtree, I noticed there was so much stuff going for free or really cheap.

"A lot of people were cleaning out their houses during that time."


Now that she had some spare time on her hands, Lainey decided to revamp these pieces of furniture and sell them for profit.

For instance, she would buy a cabinet or sofa for $50 [£27] and buy £100 worth of materials to do it up.

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On average, it would take Lainey about half a day to do up each item.

She added: "I'd then resell it for a profit to make ends meet and pay my bills.

"I knew how to paint and I had the skill of sewing, I just had to teach myself how to upholster. I gave it a shot and it worked out really well."

For every piece of furniture she's sold, Lainey has made £215 – £270.

And since she started flipping furniture, she's now made $2000 from her side-hustle – including £540 in the past two months.

She added: "I used that money to pay the bills and now I've got my job back, I've just kept up the hobby.

"I've just used it to buy Christmas presents and flights to go home and see my family in NSW, once the borders are open."

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