ONLY those with perfect vision can spot all of the dogs playing on the beach in this tricky brainteaser.

If you are an animal lover and enjoy putting yourself to the test, this is the puzzle for you.

Not only do those who regularly practice illusions learn to be more patient, but if solved without help, you can brag about your perfect vision.

As well as testing your endurance, these puzzles help you develop a keener eye for detail.

In the image created by West Wales Holiday Cottages, 13 dogs are enjoying a day at the beach with their owners.

Can you spot all of the pups without help?

The cartoon people enjoying their day at the beach make it harder for the dogs to be seen.

In addition to this, the playful and unpredictable nature of man's best friend means that you have to scour the whole scene as they could be playing in the waves or on the rocks.

The use of color in the image also means that your eye is distracted and your attention is constantly pulled from the job at hand.

Each of the dogs has different shapes, sizes, and colors.

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A handy tip is often to split the image into imaginary sections and to focus only on one part of the picture at a time.

For example, you divide the image horizontally into equal thirds, and start from the bottom, you will find five of the 13 dogs.

In the middle third, you should be able to spot another five, and then the final three in the last section.

The dogs furthest away are the hardest to spot.

If you need some help, scroll down to reveal the answer.

Far at the back, one pup is playing in the waves and another can be seen just across from it.

However, as it is black, it blends in with the rocks so its tail is the only distinguishable feature.

If you have spotted all 13, why not try and test your eyes once more by seeing if you can find the hidden alligator lurking in the pond?

Or, if animals are not your thing, why not try solving this ghoulish Halloween illusion?

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