A 37-year-old woman and her age-defying 72-year-old aunt have revealed their top anti-ageing beauty secrets.

Brittany Allyn, who lives between NYC and London, and her gran Pamela, from Seattle, Washington USA, are often mistaken for looking decades younger than their real age.

And according to the youthful-looking duo, there's no need to spend a small fortune on luxurious creams and pricey procedures…because their top anti-ageing beauty secrets start from as little as £5.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous Digital, Pamela says: "People usually think I’m in my 50s.

"They always want to know my tricks and secrets, and it’s pretty simple – you just have to stay dedicated."

And luckily for us, the timeless beauty has revealed the strict but easy beauty routine she never ever skips.



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"I only wash my face once a day at night, and in the morning I just splash warm water on my face," says the retired school teacher of 35+ years.

"I've always used a simple Neutrogena-like facial soap and then I’ll apply my favourite retinol lotion (ROC night cream version only).


"I use it morning and night – very liberally all over my face, neck and chest, and make sure to go in under my eyes and put extra above and around my mouth."

The 'RoC Retinol Correxion Wrinkle Correct Night Cream,' which Pamela has used twice a day since she was 35, is currently in the Boots sale and has been slashed from £32.99 to just £21.99, meaning a whopping £11 saving.

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Pamela, who maintains her svelte figure by avoiding any processed foods, continues: "Also, be very gentle with your face and don’t pull it, especially rubbing around the eye area.

"I only go in gentle circles to take my makeup off."

As for makeup, there's one very popular product that the 72-year-old always steers clear of.

"I don’t use foundation, only powder and light makeup," she explains.

"I also keep up with my hair and get it coloured every few months and keep the length longer and style it in modern ways. This is key to looking youthful.

"Brittany will often show me the latest hair or beauty trick too."

Meanwhile, 37-year-old Brittany, who is a tech marketer turned full-time content creator, says she's taken skincare advice from her auntie Pamela since she was 18-years-old.

"I remember I first started with a night moisturiser from Clarins and started to slowly build my skincare regimen," she recalls.

"Aunt Pam would lecture me that no matter how many drinks or how late it was, to always wash my face and keep it very moisturised, especially around the eye area.

"When she was 50 she looked 35, so I’ve always listened!"

Brittany has since developed her own skincare regime which has kept her looking years younger than her real age – and reveals that she swears by gua sha, which can be purchased for as little as just 89p from Amazon.

"Always gua sha every morning to wake up your complexion and for lymphatic drainage for your skin," she advises.

"Your skin needs to de-puff and come alive after lying down for 8+ hours.

"I typically use the Elemis Cleansing Balm and then a cheap gua sha from Amazon."

Next up, Brittany, who tries to complete 3 high-intensity low impact workouts like pilates or barre a week, highlights the importance of never smoking.

"I've noticed how fast my friends and family have aged that smoke on a regular basis," she says.

"It dries out your skin and makes it look more dull, and will never do your skin any favours. Aunt Pam swears by this, too!"

She goes on to note how she also ensures she does a deep exfoliation 1-2 times a week to slough off dead skin cells.

"Whenever I use 'Babyfacial' by Drunk Elephant people say I look glowing and younger instantly," she explains.

However, if you're after similar results without the hefty price tag, then Brittany has just the product for you – and it can be bought for just £5.10 from Boots.

"A life hack is also the AHA/BHA Serum by The Ordinary that’s 1/10th the price," she says.

And according to the 37-year-old, there's a key step that people always forget – face masking.

"It’s basically like going to the gym for your face," she explains.

"It deep cleans your pores, resurfaces your texture, and really boosts your skin barrier function.

"My favourite is Blue Lagoon’s Silica Mud Mask."

Brittany concludes by noting how she's researched and found the best 'skincare makeup' that helps her skin feel and look good when she's in a rush.

"My superpower is knowing how to look chic in 5 minutes when running out the door," she says.

Taking to TikTok (@thirtywaves), she posted a video that showcases the skincare and makeup routine she follows during the week.

She begins by explaining how she uses dry shampoo to add volume to her hair, before curling the front pieces around her face to "smooth everything out" and control any frizz.

The beauty whizz then adds a product which has SPF and a little tint in it to offer the "perfect glow."

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As for makeup, she advises: "A light shadow just always makes your eyes pop."

Brittany finishes my adding a cream blush, laminating her eyebrows, applying mascara on just the outside of her lashes and accessorising with some chunky gold hoops – and voilà!

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