EVER stared into a fitting room mirror only to find that your reflection doesn’t match what you thought you looked like?

You’re not alone.

But before you start to let any body hang-ups trickle in, you might want to listen to Bree Lenehan who has revealed why you look different in the dressing room – and it’s nothing to do with your size..

Bree, 26, often takes to social media to remind people that striking different poses can have a huge impact in how people see themselves.

In a recent post, Bree went into four different changing rooms at her local shopping centre and took photos of herself in the same pose wearing the same dress.

Some were more flattering due to softer lighting, but harsher lighting showed every part of her physique.

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“All fitting rooms are different so be kind to yourself, as you never know what external factors are at play,” Bree posted alongside the images.

“A ‘bad body image day’ can be triggered by many things … Sometimes it’s seeing yourself in the mirror, sometimes it’s sizing up or down in clothes, sometimes it’s comparing yourself to others … Just to name a few.

“But a lot of the time, what you see doesn’t reflect the reality of the situation.”

Bree said that everyone is their own harshest critic but people will never see their own true beauty as most only ever see themselves in mirrors or photos.

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“Lighting, angles, posing, different lenses and mirrors can change the way we look – especially in fitting rooms,” she said.

“Some stores use mirror manipulation or softer lighting to hide lumps and bumps.

“Some stores use wide mirrors or harsh lighting which cast shadows over your body and exaggerate every feature … But in case you were wondering, there is nothing wrong with having lumps and bumps!”

She added that without standardised sizing, it is incredibly easy to have to size up or down depending on the store or how your body changes day to day.

“You are not your size. You are not your appearance. There is so much more to you than that,” she said.

“Remember, a bad body image moment doesn’t have to turn into a bad body image day. “Acknowledge the way you’re speaking to yourself, take a deep breath and consciously try to switch to more gentle thoughts.

“Please be kinder to yourself, at all times, because you never know what external (or internal) factors are at play … Your body and appearance really is the least interesting thing about you.”

This article was originally published on News.com.au and has been republished here with permission.

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