Many of us kick-start fitness journeys in the new year.

And in a bid to track progress, some take “before” photos to see how their bodies changes over the months.

But a body positive influencer wants her followers to know that you shouldn’t feel any “shame” about your natural body.

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Nelly London unearthed some of her “before” pictures from previous years to show fans it’s OK to accept your post-Christmas weight.

In the past, no matter what size she’s been, she’s felt “guilt” about her figure.

But finally, the 29-year-old British influencer has learned it’s important to embrace yourself.

Nelly told her Instagram followers: “The dreaded ‘before’ photo that you take in the hopes that you’ll never look like this again, usually at this time of year.

“Apparently I am an expert in these photos, please have a scroll through just some of mine from the past 10 years.

“What if this was the year you’re not made to feel so horrific about your body that you shame yourself with these horrible, unkind pictures, that are taken only to make you feel more miserable.

“Then aggressively use that misery and shame to fuel whatever changes you want to see.

“Instead, try to release the guilt you’ve been holding onto and show yourself the compassion that you deserve.

“If you want to make some changes this year you fucking go for it, but do it from a place of love and kindness, not self loathing and punishment. You don’t deserve that.

“And just incase this isn’t proof of it, shaming yourself with ‘before’ photos normally won’t lead to the dramatic transformation you were hoping for, it will probably just sink you deeper into the cycle of self loathing and diet cycling.”

Nelly’s post garnered more than 75,000 likes – and many agreed with her message of self love.

One commenter wrote: “This is something I am trying to unlearn. I deleted all my ‘before’ pictures but then took new ones. But this year I am determined to not do it.

“I want to make changes for my health and my happiness not for a picture. Thank you for the caption and sharing!”

Another said: “Thank you! I’m going to spend 2023 improving my well-being and health – my size is insignificant.”

And a third added: “I was literally about to take my before photo then read this and have changed my mind!”


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