WHEN you're in need of feeling pampered, whether it be fixing up your nails, refreshing your hair or boosting your lashes, the salon is your go-to.

But for some unlucky beauty lovers, their salon visit had them wishing they'd never gone, after stylists and beauticians botched the job.

Thought at-home beauty fails were bad? Sometimes the professionals can't escape an epic fail or two, as some women have proven by sharing their salon horrors online.

We're talking everything from horrific hair results where changing the colour has gone horribly wrong to eyelashes being chopped off and even stuck on with hair-bonding glue.

Check out these horrific salon treatments that will have you itching to get your money back…

Botched Balyage

With summer just around the corner, many girls have been heading to the salon to lighten up their locks, but when one woman requested a subtle balayage look with blended highlights, that's not exactly what she got.

Sharing her hair transformation gone wrong to TikTok, the woman revealed how upset she was with her hairdresser after they allegedly styled her hair to look nothing like she had asked for.

She was left with a patchy orange-toned bleach job and dark uneven roots on top.

“I really couldn’t believe she thought this was okay. And then she said I should’ve let her fix it??? And end up bald? No ma’am," she claimed.

In the end, the woman had to have a different stylist fix her hair and cut six inches off of her tresses in the process.

Extensions Gone Wrong

One woman had paid out $1,200 (around £847) for 18-inch extensions, but was left "bawling" following her hair appointment.

Tiktok user Kayteevz revealed that when she left the salon her hair was just one inch longer than when she had arrived.

“There’s so many things that went wrong today… They ended up telling me they would take them out for free on Tuesday," she explained in a video shared online.

“Two months ago I went into the salon, I paid $600 just to order the extensions. The hairdresser evaluated my hair, so she should’ve known how much to order," Kayteez said.

Her hairdresser urged her to wait to see the finished result before judging how much hair was there, but after cutting the extensions shorter and shorter, the stylist then asked Kayteez to pay more money to buy more hair and come back another day.

“I was already there for three hours more than expected”, she complained. "She tells me she’s done, she can’t help me anymore, there’s nothing she can do about it."

The appointment had already taken eight hours and Kayteevz was left "bawling" by the time her boyfriend arrived to pick her up.

Her hair had been dyed black to match the extensions and while she was supposed to have her brows tinted as well, the salon refused as her appointment had "already taken too long".

Chopped Off Lashes

One beautician shocked beauty fans as they revealed they'd cut off their client's eyelashes when their card declined.

In a video on TikTok, they'd dubbed their customer the "worst client" ever and shared footage of them cutting not just their eyelash extensions but their natural lashes too when failed to cough up the money for their appointment.

The video has since been viewed millions of times and people were left shocked, calling the beautician's actions "harsh".

"Woow never coming to you! That’s so sad, she could’ve gone and got cash whilst you had a valuable of hers”, posted one person.

“Coz lash glue remover doesn’t exist," commented another viewer sarcastically, while one more said: "I understand the card declined… but come on."

Bad Dye Job

For one girl, her trip to the salon resulted in her hair allegedly "steaming" and being left in "worse condition" than when she arrived.

Instead of leaving with fresh-looking locks and her colour revived, the girl was left distraught as she ended up with a botched dye job that left her with shocking roots.

She had tried to recreate a honey-hued balayage look she'd had prior in 2019, but was instead left with an orange-tinted colour all over and chunky roots at the top of her head.

She claimed: "This was the 'balayage' she left me with… my head was steaming. She didn't even try to blend it, instead she bleached my whole head and left my hair in the worst condition."

Not surprisingly. the girl wasn't happy with the major fail and revealed she'd reported the hairdresser who had tackled her locks.

Spray Tan Fail

Keen to give herself a golden glow, one beauty fan paid out for a beautician to come to her apartment to give her a spray tan.

She coughed up $80 (£57) for the professional tan, but was left in hysterics when the spray tan gone wrong left her looking like Ross from Friends.

The 8am appointment didn't get off to the best start, with the girl revealing in a video shared to TikTok that the beautician had allegedly shown up "drunk" to her house.

They promised her a beautiful bronzed look that would have her looking like she'd just got back from St Tropez, but instead she ended up caked in tan that left her skin looking like she was covered in mud.

The girl revealed she was forced to take five showers and excessively exfoliated the day before her holiday to try and tone it down.

Congealed Lashes

One beautician was left with the mammoth task of fixing one client's horrific eyelash extensions, following a poorly executed treatment.

They revealed that a previous beautician had stuck the extensions on using hair bonding glue – something they claimed should be "illegal".

"THIS IS VILE, the poor lady came to me for a removal, she had these done at a hairdressers," the beautician revealed while posting a video of the terrible lashes online.

"THE ABSOLUTE WORST DONE LASHES I HAVE EVER SEEN. How can people do this to someone's eyes?"

She explained that the lashes were wrongly advertised as eyelash extensions, when they were instead cluster lashes, adding: "These are not eyelash extensions! They are cluster lashes bonded with hair bonding glue! Extremely damaging!

"Please make sure you enquire properly before you go to get your lashes done! Remember extensions are applied on 1 natural lash cluster lashes are applied on top, (the natural lashes are never isolated)."

Nightmare Fringe

Another trend hairdressers have been hit with of late is the curtain fringe – chic if you get it right, terrible if you get it wrong.

One girl was left mortified when she asked for wispy bangs parted in the middle, but was left with two blunt strands hanging in front of her face and looking like they'd been stuck on.

There was no shape or integration into the rest of her hair and desperate for some advice, the girl shared her "disaster" hair in a video on TikTok and asked: How do I make this better?"

The video has since been watched over 2.8million times and people were convinced that the girl had cut her own hair, the finished look was that bad.

Proving that she hadn't the girl shared a snap of her at the hairdressers mid appointment and revealed she paid £70 for her cut and colour – even tipping the stylist as she was too embarrassed not to.

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