A WOMAN shows off the ultimate glow up for New Years Eve, and her big grin too.

You cannot tell but her smile is held in by 22 mouth pins which attach her new teeth to her jaw and cost her months of savings to have put in.

The Tiktoker who has 2.7million followers on the app has shared her mini dental implant journey as she has all her teeth replaced.

Alicia, 36, a married mum from New York also goes by Princess Glitter Head and Toothless Princess on TikTok.

In her glow up Tiktok, which she captioned: "HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE 2021," she shows herself with her mouth closed, unwashed with messy hair and wearing a sweatshirt.


She then leans forward and transitions into wearing a glamorous black dress with transparent panels, black smokey eye make up, and her hair freshly cleaned and straightened.

Alicia also smiled a huge grin, showing off her impressive dentures.

Sharing a video of her getting her old dentures removed, she wrote: "I am 2 weeks post after 12 new mini implants placed. Total of 22 snapped into temp bridge/removed for final impressions roundhouse bridge."

She previously had a snap in acrylic denture that attached to her 22 dental implants that she could not take it out herself.

Then she had a porcelain version put in that are her permanent 'teeth.'

She started losing her teeth when she was 21 and decided to get removable snap-in dentures to gain back her confidence.

During pregnancy her teeth began to decay very quickly and both of her eye teeth fell out within a week of eachother.

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Talking to Buzzfeed, she said: “I would never be respected. I would never be pretty. My husband might leave me. He married me with perfect teeth and within a year I was already missing teeth. I remember laying in my yard feeling like my life was over."

Alicia tells people not to hate themselves for needing dentures at a young age.

She reminds others that there is no reason to feel shame for fixing something that will improve your quality of life.

As a mother she says that children deserve smiling parents and that we all deserve love and to be happy.

Comments praising her New Years Eve glow up are abundant as they say: "Your new teeth looking amazing girl!

"I love the outfit." Said another, complimenting her one shoulder, figure hugging black gown.

"You re so gorgeous!!!" Wrote many, calling her 'gorgeous' and 'stunning.'

Many comments focused on her teeth as they said: "Your new set looks really really good. Holy cow."

Alicia has clearly inspired others on their own teeth journey, as one wrote: "Happy New Years ! This year I’m getting my teeth FIXED!"

A professional even gave their take, saying: "Dental hygienist here, I can’t get over how these new bridges look! So much better than the dentures and they looked good too.

"Happy New Year gorgeous momma," praised another fan.

Whilst others loved her confidence, saying: "So pretty. I need your confidence!"

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