LUSH’S Snow Fairy has a cult following and as soon as it hits shelves it means Christmas is just around the corner.

A woman has claimed she has found a simple cleaning product that has a nearly identical scent to Snow Fairy and it can make your entire home smell incredible.

And the best part is that it costs just £1 from Aldi.

She raved about the supermarket’s Fabuloso collection and said their Winter Angel range is the Snow Fairy dupe.

The sweet candyfloss scent is in Lush’s bath bombs, sprays, shower gels, soaps and more. 

Taking to the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, the shopper wrote: “Winter Angel fabulosa range in Aldi from £1 smells just like snow fairy.”

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There are a number of items in the Winter Angel range, including a £1 room spray, an 85p disinfectant and a £1 fabric freshener spray.

Hundreds of bargain hunters have commented, with one saying: “Will need to look in Aldi for them now.”

Another added: “B&m also have it in smells delicious.”

As part of this year’s yuletide offering, Lush has dropped a £10 Sweet Christmas box that comes with a bubble bar and bath bomb.

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“This bright, candy-coloured gift is perfect for those who prefer the sweeter things in life,” Lush bosses said.

“Hundreds and thousands of bubbles from Snow Fairy Roll bubble bar, and a comforting, buttery blanket of Butterbear bath bomb.”

The £13 Little Snow Fairy gift set also has two goodies inside the cardboard box. 

“When you need just a hint of sparkle and sweetness in your life at this time of year, Little Snow Fairy's here,” a blunt on it reads. 

“Bringing with it a bath bomb and shower gel from our seasonal product range, both scented with our best-loved and bestselling candyfloss Snow Fairy fragrance.”

The £16 Christmas Buds box is slightly more expensive because it contains three products.

“Make room in your bathroom for three new bath bomb buds, and get decorating with a sheet of stickers featuring your new fizzing friends,” Lush bosses said.  

“Groovy Fairy and Butterbear bring sweetly-scented hugs to the tub, while our little purple Penguin serves up a slice of citrus softness.”

If pink and sweet isn’t your thing, there’s also the two-piece Snow Dragon set, which is like “drifting over a winter wonderland and leaving a trail of sparkles over the snow”.

And it only costs £12. 

“These two refreshing bath bombs will coast across your bath leaving magical bath art,” according to Lush. 

“Snow Dragon bath bomb hoards sharp, uplifting lemon and grapefruit fragrances, as they bask in the wonderland of Snowdrift's fresh eucalyptus and peppermint scents.”

For £13, you can pick up two bathing treats from Santa’s workshop in the Secret Santa gift set. 

“The sweet peppermint bubbles of Candy Cane and the multicoloured bath art display of Magical Santa bath bomb are perfect for a pamper while you wonder about the identity of your Secret Santa,” say Lush bosses. 

All of Lush’s gift sets come in a cardboard box that’s wrapped with 100 per cent recycled printed paper and a little ribbon.

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