A GYPSY woman has lifted the lid on the very strict rules she has in her home – from washing hands to enter one room to never touching her ornaments.

TikTok user @cuzinsuzy92 said her rigid guidelines aren’t just for family, but also for any guests who are visiting.

Speaking from her property, the social media user explained: “This is going to be things I wouldn’t allow in my home. 

“This is my personal opinion – it’s my home, I can do as I please.

“If you don’t agree with it, well… you do you, babe.” 

She then launched into her go-to list, starting out with how she’s banned pets from her home for one big reason.

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“Number one – I don’t have pets in my home. Cats and dogs are a big no-no for me,” she revealed.

“I just couldn’t deal with dog hair and all that kind of carry on, I just couldn’t.”

Moving onto her second rule, @cuzinsuzy92 said the downstairs bathroom is out of bounds for anything other than washing your hands or having a wee.

She explained: “I allow people to pee in it. But other than that and to wash your hands, it’s a big no-no.

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“You don’t do that, it’s too close,” she added, as she pointed out the proximity of the downstairs toilet to her kitchen.

The hygiene theme ran strong throughout her rulebook, as @cuzinsuzy92 is also uncompromising when it comes to people being in her home without washing their hands.

She continued: “You need to wash your hands before coming into my kitchen, ok?

“If someone comes here and asks for a cup of tea, you wash your hands before you make a cup of tea.

“I wash my hands before I touch my kitchen. If you don’t wash your hands, don’t go anywhere near it.”

Her hands off approach also continues to her ornament collection, which is on display around her home.

She revealed to her almost 200k TikTok followers: “My other thing is that you don’t touch my stuff.

“This might sound a bit mad to you lot, but you don’t touch my ornaments.

“Don’t come in and pick my stuff up, don’t start looking at my plates, don’t start looking at my animals, don’t start looking at my china. 

“Don’t just pick it up. It’s not to be picked up and played about with.

“Everything I own is well looked after, and I like to keep it that way.”

One particular item close to Suzy’s heart also got a special shoutout, as she added: “You do not touch my tea set.”

This might sound a bit mad to you lot, but you don’t touch my ornaments

While her final order is all about keeping her house clean and tidy at all times thanks to one other rule everyone has to abide by. 

She said: “Shoes off at the door. I don’t like people wearing shoes in my house.

“I haven’t got all my flooring done yet, so I’m not minding too much, there’s no carpet down just yet.

“But if you come in my kitchen, you take your shoes off. My flooring has been laid in the kitchen so that’s a no.” 

However, Suzy was quick to add that she likes to make guests feel welcome in her space.

She concluded: “At the same time, I’m not one of these people where you have to ask to get a drink.

“Just make sure you wash your hands before you come in my kitchen to get a drink and take your shoes off.

“You can just go in your cupboards and help yourself, food and drink wise – but just make sure you’re clean when you go in and do it.”

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