SOPHIE Hinchcliffe, AKA Mrs Hinch, may be the Queen of Clean and our go-to 'cleanfluencer', but there’s an array of new influencers taking social media by storm with their handy tips and tricks.

Cleanfluencers are more popular than ever before – with many offering handy tips and tricks to make cleaning that bit more enjoyable. 

Some of us hate cleaning and find it a chore, whereas others love it and can’t wait to get their gloves on.

Whatever camp you sit in, the cleaning has got to be done, right?

Here we take a look at the cleaning queens that you should definitely be following on Instagram for handy hacks that will change your cleaning game completely. 

Becky Rapinchuk – @cleanmama

Becky Rapinchuk, who blogs under the name Clean Mama, has a whopping 722k Instagram followers that love her measured approach to household tasks.

The US mum and businesswoman shares daily tasks that only take 10 to 15 minutes – for example vacuuming Wednesday and floor-washing on Thursday – as well as weekly and monthly tasks.

Her tips are super simple and make cleaning seem that bit easier for when you’ve got 101 things on your to-do list.

You definitely need to give her a follow if you want quick tips on how to get your home sparkling clean. 

Lynsey Crombie – @lynsey_queenofclean

TV’s Cleaning expert Lynsey Crombie has a large Instagram following of 246k and is familiar to This Morning viewers as the Queen of Clean. 


She’s a best-selling author that shares natural cleaning hacks with products that really work – so fear not, she won’t have you scrubbing on your knees for hours. 

If you don’t know where to start and aren’t sure what products to buy, Lynsey will give you all the advice you need to get your hands dirty. 

To get your house spotless but with minimum effort involved, Lynsey is a go-to for cleaning tips. 

Danielle Dixon – @housetohomeatlast

Hartlepool-based blogger Danielle Dixon set up House To Home At Last, which now has 230k followers, after buying a house with her partner of 11 years.

Her immaculate home is guaranteed to make anyone jealous, with everything perfectly in place and super clean.

The British mum posts speed-cleaning videos, including tips on how to keep the surfaces Covid-free.  

For all things cleaning, organisation and renovation, Danielle’s Insta is the place to go. 

Gemma Bray – @the_organised_mum

Gemma Bray, who lives in Sevenoaks, Kent, is a pro-organised mum supporting women to find their balance. 

With 220k Instagram followers, she’s also a Sunday Times best selling author and is perfect if you need a housework reset.

She created The Organised Mum Method, which promises to help you rattle through the housework in 30 minutes every day to make sure that you have more time for what’s important in life – your loved ones. 

She’s definitely worth checking out if you want your house looking fabulous but don’t have all the time in the world on your hands. 

Melissa Maker – @cleanmyspace

For practical cleaning, organising and decluttering advice you can trust, Melissa is definitely one to check out. 

She’s based in Toronto and has 115k Instagram followers, to which she shares useful, time-saving cleaning tips, tricks and recommendations. 

Melissa wasn’t always a cleaning fan and understands that people are looking for practical, time-saving solutions to everyday problems.

From everything from cleaning routines to decluttering tips, Melissa is one to watch.

Iryna Federico – @fromgreatbeginnings

Business Development Manager by day and home organisation hobbyist by night, Iryna’s Instagram is as fresh and clean as her home.

She has 138k Instagram followers and shares home décor and organisation tips and tricks that she swears by. 

She even shares budgeting and renovation tips that you won’t want to miss.

If that wasn’t enough, her dog is super cute and you will definitely want to check out her grid.

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