London-based designer Christopher RÆBURN has returned with the latest installment of his RÆFOUND series, featuring a collection of vintage military pieces. Each of the items has been personally sourced by the designer, and includes some pieces decommissioned by the military as recently as April 2021.

The second collection features a variety of different military pieces, including Airman Battle Uniforms and Army Combat Uniforms — noticeable through the use of tiger stripe and digital camo respectively — from the U.S. GEN III program. Other highlights include insulated trousers, all-weather parkas and the customizable “Modular Light-Weight Load-Carrying Equipment.”

The RÆFOUND series was launched by RÆBURN as a response to excess inventory during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. These collections tie in with the designer’s sustainability ethos as it “offers newness through redundancy. Nothing new. Nothing wasted.”

The full RÆFOUND collection is available now from the RÆBURN web store.

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