A FASHION fan has revealed her shock after unboxing the viral bodysuit from Kim Kardashian's ever-growing range, Skims.

Soph, who is a UK size 8, took to TikTok and shared a video explaining how she purchased the £60 Skims 'Sienna sculpting bodysuit brief with snaps' in size XXS/XS for half price, after buying it second hand.

In the clip, she begins: "I need to show you something that really made me laugh this morning. This can't just be me?

"I don't know how I've avoided seeing anybody unbox a bodysuit from Skims.

"This is my first ever item from Skims.

I've never actually seen anybody get this out of the box, so I had a bit of a shock when I opened this up and this is what was in it."


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Laughing as she holds the shapewear up, she continues: "I'm pretty sure North would probably fit into this!

"This better be stretchy as anything because look at the size of this! I'm standing up to show you some perspective…

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"To be fair, I'm wearing really baggy joggers right now but when I opened this I was like, 'what? Is this for a child!'"

Moments later the fashion enthusiast reappears wearing the shapewear and admits: "It was a bit of a struggle but I did actually get it on! I'm not a very curvy person at all as you can see.

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"I don't really feel like it's sucking me in, it more just feels tight everywhere.

"Obviously I know that shapewear is supposed to be feel tight but I could probably do with getting the next size up because I feel like my armpits, it's cutting in a little bit here.

"But I feel like this is a success because I wasn't even expecting to be able to get it over my leg!"

She continues: "It's definitely very stretchy and I do quite like it. I'm not planning to wear it just as a top, I'll wear it underneath other stuff…it is quite thin, though.

"I feel like if you had big boobs it'd probably stretch out and you'd probably be able to see through it because it's kind of like a tights material…."

Soph concludes: "I'm quite happy with that but would I spend £60 on it? Probably not! I'm glad I got it half price."

The video has since garnered an impressive 251,000 views and been flooded with comments online.

"Girl did they create that for a baby born doll," wrote one.

A second penned: "I don’t know what I expected when you pulled it out but it wasn’t that."

A third quipped: "North could fit it."

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Meanwhile, a fourth joked: "Lol it looks like it may fit a small dog!"

Another added: "I had a VERY similar experience with skims. Gotta size up when you get stuff from them."

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