If you’re a fan of dystopia, you’ll want to check out The Registration – the upcoming film starring Euphoria’s Sydney Sweeney. Keep reading to check out everything we know about the thriller so far.    

Sydney Sweeney is on a roll. From her stand-out performances in Euphoria and The White Lotus to her upcoming role in Marvel’s Madame Web, the actor has a lot going on.

But that hasn’t stopped Sweeney from adding another project to her slate – this time, in the form of a dystopian film called The Registration. As well as taking on the lead role in the film, Sweeney will also be co-producing alongside The Purge’s producer Brad Fuller, and we can’t wait to see the final result.

Keep reading to take a closer look at everything we know about The Registration so far, including the film’s premise and which character Sweeney will be playing. 

What is The Registration about?

Interestingly, The Registration is based on a currently unreleased book by Madison Lawson, so details about the film’s plot are pretty scarce. However, the blurb for the book does give us some clues about what we can expect – and it sounds incredibly tense.

“Imagine it’s legal to commit one murder in your lifetime – if you Register the victim and accomplish the kill within fourteen days,” it reads. “So, when Lynell Mize stands in line to Register the man who abused her as a child, she’s shocked to hear a stranger Register her to be killed.”

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The blurb continues: “Why would anyone who doesn’t know her squander his one legal murder on her? Desperate to survive the next two weeks, she must find out who wants to kill her – and why.

“Easier said than done as Lynell soon discovers that multiple strangers have used their Registration on her. Along the way, she reunites with her estranged husband who is determined to dig up a past Lynell prefers to keep buried. With only days left to live, Lynell fights to uncover the truth and survive a destiny not of her choosing.” 

Who stars in The Registration?

Sweeney is the only actor whose casting has been announced so far. We don’t yet know who she’ll be playing in the film, but we’ve got our fingers crossed that it’ll be Lynell.

Who else is involved with The Registration?

The Registration is being adapted by Sony Pictures, with a script adapted by The Night House’s writers Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski.

We won’t know much more until The Registration is released in the US on September 27, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled for any news and update this space when we get it. 

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