YOU don't need a Monet or a Matisse on your walls for your art to look expensive.

One interior design expert has shared her very simple equation for picking wall art, insisting that the way to make your home look upscale is all in the sizing.

Julie Sousa is currently decorating her own condo in Boston and is sharing some of her best design tips.

"Want to make your home look expensive? Then don't have artwork that looks like this," she says, showing the "wrong" way to hang art.

She films a wall along a staircase, where she has three framed pieces of art: The biggest is in the middle, with two smaller pieces of the same size on either side.

Instead, she says, you want one large piece of wall art – but you should make sure it's the right size.

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The height and width of your one piece of art should be between four-fifths and three-quarters of the total size of your wall.

That might seem tricky, but it's incredibly easy to figure out.

First, Julie says: "You're gonna want to measure the length and width of your wall.

"Next, you're gonna multiply each one of those by .6 and .75."

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Calculate .6 times the height of your wall and .75 the height of your wall – and the height of your art should fall between those two numbers.

Also calculate .6 times the width of your wall and .75 the width of your wall – and the width of your art should fall between those two numbers.

That means that for her own 8' by 9' wall, her artwork should measure between 57.6" and 72" width-wise, and between 64.8" and 81" height-wise.

Julie settled on a 60" by 72" canvas, showing how it looks hanging in the same spot by the stairs.

The effect is meant to make a home look more upscale.

Julie's video has gone viral, racking up 15.5 million views since January.

But while many viewers seem to like the tip, others admitted they tuned out as soon as math came into play.

“You lost me at 'you’re gonna want to multiply.' No, ma’am!" wrote one.

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"MATH ??!!!! ABSOLUTELY NOT," wrote another, while a third asked: "I have to do math?"

"I will not be doing geometry," insisted one more.

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