BECOMING an elegant woman doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor.

According to one woman, it’s possible to be as elegant as ever without spending a dime.

TikToker and elegance coach Amira Bessette shared a video with five tips that will help women come across as classier.

The caption on her video says: “Ways you can be elegant with no money!”

Her first tip focuses on your personal behavior – and what can easily be noticed by others.

“Be well-mannered. No swearing, name-calling, or passive aggressiveness,” she says.

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Her second tip is all about your specific knowledge of creative masterpieces.

She says: “Educate yourself on art.”

If you can carry on a conversation with someone else about a painting done by Picasso or Leonardo da Vinci, you’ll instantly look like an elegant woman.

Amira's third tip encourages women to be informed about which classy actions they should take on a daily basis.

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“Learn correct etiquette. Look up my YouTube videos for tips,” she says. 

Amira’s YouTube Page is filled with videos about how to become a high-value woman.

The next tip on Amira's list is based on the way you sound when you talk.

She says: “Speak eloquently. Don’t use slang words, speak clearly, and improve your vocabulary.”

Having a vocabulary filled with a variety of words proves that you are an elegant woman.

Last but not least, Amira gives a tip about how you should sit and stand.

“Improve your posture,” she says.

Keeping your back straight at all times will help you exude total confidence.

Several people have responded to Amira's video in her comment section.

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One woman wrote: “Elegance is everything about behavior and nothing about money.”

“I genuinely believe everyone should do this and that it should be implemented in our daily lives,” another woman added.

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