"Who is this floozy?" Jenna Bush Hager said

Hoda Kotb admits she has trouble saying no, even to random people on the subway!

During Tuesday’s episode of Today’s “Hoda & Jenna,” the 57-year-old broadcaster revealed the hilarious reason she gave a stranger her phone number while riding on the subway.

Before going into her anecdote, Hoda and her co-host Jenna Bush Hager were discussing the difficulties of knowing when to say no.

Hoda revealed she recently had an experience on a train that indirectly involved Hager’s husband, Henry.

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Kotb had been catching a train home when another passenger introduced herself as a friend of Hager’s husband.

“On the train someone came up to me and she said ‘Hi. Oh my god. I’m friends with Jenna’s husband,'” Hoda began. “She holds up her phone and shows me a text exchange with Henry and this girl, and she goes ‘I know I met you here’…and she said, ‘You know, I’ll just text you, so can I have your number?'”

Kotb admitted to a shocked Jenna that she had felt pressured to give the stranger her phone number. “I gave her the number,” Hoda said and asked “Well it looked like Henry, does Henry have a friend?”

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“I was on a train, I wasn’t sure I think we had met once but I wasn’t a 100, you know?” Kotb explained. “It was just like fleeting on the train.”

She described the interaction as a blur and she had instinctively punched in her number.

“But also she’s not my friend, she’s Henry’s?” Jenna asked, to which Hoda replied with a nod, “She’s Henry’s friend.”

“Who is this floozy?” Hager joked. “Excuse me, who is texting my man? I got to get to the bottom of this, when is commercial break? Is this almost done?”

“Soon!” Hoda sang with a laugh and Jenna asked, “Who is texting my man and not texting me?”

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