PARENTING can be tricky – you might think that what you're doing as a parent is in your child's best interests, but, in reality, it's a recipe for a disaster.

And according to this expert, there are a few common habits parents have that will only turn their loving child into an entitled teen.

''It starts usually when they're a younger child,'' says Aly Pain, ''And you start sacrificing yourself to cater to their needs.''

Turns out, even a situation as simple as deciding to order food can have a lasting impact on your child's development.

''For instance, they want pizza for dinner but you were already planning on making a lasagna.


''So you put all of the fixin's in the oven or back in the fridge and say: ''Okay, we'll have pizza''.''

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Another example involves your personal daily activities.

''Or you very clearly have plans one evening to go with your partner, or with your friends and they throw a fit because they need you to drive them to XYZ and you give up your plans and make theirs more important than yours.''

She explains that whenever parents sacrifice their needs to fit their child's wants, they ''continue to create a power imbalance''.

This means that now the teenager will truly believe that he's ''better than you and will treat you as such''.

''It will feel like bein disrespected, used and taken for granted.

''The only way to rewrite the imbalance,'' she says, ''Is by owning your value and making yourself important.''

This, Aly adds, is done through boundaries.

''It doesn't mean being selfish, it just means being fair, including boundaries about respectful requests.

''The way they ask you for things and if you say ''no'', that doesn't mean they throw a fit on the floor and you all of a sudden give in.

''When you hold your own value and worth as equal to theirs and set healthy boundaries as a parent and authority figure in their life, you model respect and are less likely to raise an entitled teenager.''

''People clearly don’t know the difference between a “need” and a “want”.

''She’s right on,'' someone praised the video.

Another viewer thought this was common sense and wrote: ''You are correct but this shouldn’t be necessary.

''Wake up parents!!''

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