A WOMAN revealed that she spent £11,000 on clothes when she started working in retail and now she has a wardrobe that fills a huge room.

Caitlin showed off her gigantic wardrobe to her followers on Tiktok, but she revealed that having a huge collection of clothes hasn’t been a totally positive experience.

In the video, she said: “Wondering why shopping isn’t making me emotionally satisfied anymore.

“Remembering I impulsively spent over 15k at Aritzia within the first month of working there and had to build a separate closet for it.”

In the clip, Caitlin shows off the large giant wardrobe, which is as immaculately presented as any clothes shop.

She revealed that her $15,000 clothing collection, which is equivalent to £11,200, is actually even bigger than it appears in the video.

“Literally not joking and there’s more than this”, she said.

The video racked up over 300,000 views and commenters couldn’t believe how much Caitlin had spent on clothes.

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One viewer wrote: “Don’t you hate overspending on a brand just to not wear it next year?”

“Bruh that’s more than my tuition for a year”, wrote another. 

Many people, however, just wanted her wardrobe for themselves.

“How does it feel to be living my dream?” asked one viewer, while a second asked: “Is this what heaven is like?”

Some commenters said Caitlin’s wardrobe was bland despite the sheer amount of clothing she’d amassed.

“I like neutrals too, but your entire closet is brown/grey. Where’s the colours and the florals and the unique style?”, asked one critical commenter.

Caitlin stuck up for herself and her personal style, saying: “My unique style is monochrome, just because there’s not much colour doesn’t mean it can’t be styled uniquely!”

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