WE get hands on with the FOREO BEAR, LUNA 3 and UFO 2 to see if they improved our skin.

Spoiler alert: we're big fans.

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What is FOREO?

FOREO is a Swedish beauty brand that pioneered what we now describe as ‘beauty-tech’ or ‘skin-tech’ devices when it released its first silicone LUNA facial cleansing brush with T-Sonic pulsations in 2013.

FOREO has remained at the forefront of the industry with the release of a host of award-winning hand-held products including facial treatment, massage, cleansing and toning devices that use T-sonic pulsation and microcurrent technologies. 

What does FOREO do?

FOREO devices use T-sonic technology to provide a number of benefits that include unclogging pores, removing dead skin cells which in turn help reduce signs of ageing, improve absorption of skincare products and promoting clearer, brighter, and healthier looking skin.

Certain products also use technologies such as LED light therapy, cryotherapy and thermo-therapy to stop breakouts and to soothe skin inflammation, while others use microcurrents to tone, tighten and brighten the skin. 


What is the FOREO BEAR and what does it do?

The BEAR is a facial toning device that uses something called microcurrent tech (a low-grade electrical current) to ‘train and tone’ over 65 muscles in the face and neck. Ultimately, it has an anti-aging effect and is often described as a ‘non-invasive’ facelift.

It works by helping improve facial contour, sagging and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, it also claims to ‘offer the same treatments found at celebrity spas’. The BEAR is the only microcurrent device with Anti-shock system which adjusts the microcurrent to mirror your body’s natural electrical currents. 

How to use the FOREO BEAR

I found it was best to first cleanse the skin, apply a generous amount of ‘conductive’ serum (FOREO’s Serum Serum Serum works well).

As with the other FOREO products, I had downloaded the FOREO app so I could stop and start the device from my phone as well as adjust the the microcurrent settings, turn the T-sonic pulsations on and off and have the option to choose from three set facial ‘treatments’ and ‘workouts'.

It’s a lot to take in when starting out but over the two week trial I got the hang of it and generally opted for microcurrent ‘pro’ on level 5, with T-pulsations on and lightly massaged the cheekbones, forehead, around the lips, over the jawline and on the neck in an upward motion for between two and three minutes before bed every night.

Handily, your mobile phone doubles as a mirror once you hit start. The most important thing is to make sure to use a serum and that both metallic spheres on the BEAR are in contact with the skin at all times to conduct the current.

Where to buy the BEAR

Buy the FOREO BEAR at foreo.com/BEAR-collection

Verdict: Does the FOREO BEAR really work?

I’ve been using a combination of the FOREO products and there’s no doubt that my skin looks and feels better overall, even other people have commented to say as much.

After using the BEAR the skin specifically feels firmer and tighter, in particular around my neck and jawline and has the appearance of the ‘lift’ around my cheekbones – I would say this seems to correlate to the areas I’ve targeted with the BEAR. Towards the end of the two weeks, my skin has appeared clearer and brighter immediately after use too.


What is the FOREO LUNA 3 and what does it do?

FOREO LUNA 3 is a hand-held facial cleansing brush with silicone bristles, it uses T-Sonic™ (transdermal) pulsations to remove dirt, oil and makeup residue’ and leaves the skin prepped for enhanced absorption of your skincare products.

If you flip it over, you can use the back of the device for a firming facial massage, it uses lower-frequency pulsations to reach deeper into the skin to tighten the skin to give a ‘younger-looking complexion’.

The LUNA 3 also aims to reduce the appearance of pores and boost elastin and collagen production and the ultra-hygienic silicone means bacteria can’t stick to the device and transfer to the skin.

How to use the FOREO LUNA 3

The FOREO LUNA 3 is probably the simplest of the three devices to use. You can adjust your preferences using the app which will then be saved to the device itself for phone-free use. This is super handy if using the face cleansing brush in the shower as I did every morning.

Dampen your face, then apply your cleanser or exfoliator directly onto the device. Then you can take the silicone facial brush to your face and start massaging your way around the face and neck.

The cleanse lasts one-minute but you have the option to press repeat on the app (or simply start again on the device) and go for another minute. Once you’re done with the cleanse, splash water to remove any cleanser, dry your face and you’re ready for your skincare products.

If you’re also going for a massage, then apply the FOREO Serum Serum Serum straight after the cleanse and use the FOREO app to activate the massage mode – turn over your device and start using the back to massage upwards around the face and neck.

How often should I use the FOREO LUNA 3?

It’s advised to use the FOREO LUNA 3 twice a day, every day for one minute at a time. I started using it this way but went up to two minutes after the first few days as I preferred a longer cleanse after my sweaty gym sessions in the morning.

Where to buy the LUNA 3

You can buy the FOREO LUNA 3 at foreo.com/LUNA-collection

Can I use FOREO’s LUNA 3 without the app?

Yes the The FOREO LUNA 3 has its own on/off function and can be used without the app, which is ideal for using it in the shower and not messing around with wet hands near your mobile phone. The app is useful for registering the device and fine-tuning your intensity and duration settings.

Is the LUNA 3 waterproof?

The FOREO LUNA 3 is waterproof – perfect for using in the shower and giving it a good clean after each use.

Verdict: Does the FOREO LUNA 3 work?

This one is a definite yes! I tried the FOREO LUNA 3 on its own for two days, before adding the BEAR and UFO 2 to my skincare regime, and the results were almost immediate.

My first use was one evening before bed, I used both the facial cleansing brush for one minute and the face massager for one minute, my skin felt super clean, soft and smooth straight after the cleanse and rejuvenated after the massage.

The next morning, forgetting I’d used the FOREO LUNA 3 the night before, I looked in the mirror and I was shocked at how even and bright my skin looked, my boyfriend also pointed this out. After a few more days of use, I started to notice that my skin was also less oily later in the day.

UFO 2 Review

What is the FOREO UFO 2 and what does it do?

The FOREO UFO 2 is two-minute supercharged facial. The handheld device warms up (thermo-therapy) to infuse the skin with the active ingredients that come in a variety of smart-masks that are paired with the skin-tech machine. It also uses quick cooling (cryotherapy) to ‘shrink pores and reduce puffiness’.

A full spectrum of LED light therapy featuring eight different wavelengths, including purple light to illuminate the skin, blue light to destroy P.acnes bacteria to stop breakouts and yellow light to soothe skin inflammation, works overall to combat ageing and to revitalise the skin. FOREO UFO 2 also comes with the signature T-Sonic massage to relax facial and neck muscle tension points.

How to use the FOREO UFO 2

The FOREO UFO 2 is very easy to use considering the variety of technologies and benefits. The FOREO app is kind of essential for the FOREO UFO 2 to pair the right mask with the right facial treatment, as each mask goes through its own thermo-therapy, cryotherapy and LED light journey.

The facial treatments take around two minutes and go through a number of different technologies, the app will talk you through exactly what’s happening at each stage. Once the facial treatment has ended, any excess product left on the face can be gently patted into the skin.

Where to buy the UFO 2

You can buy the FOREO UFO 2 at foreo.com/ufo-collection

Can I use my UFO 2 without a mask?

I used the FOREO UFO 2 without a sheet mask, making use of the LED light therapy, cryotherapy and thermo-therapy benefits on their own.

How to charge the FOREO UFO 2?

Like all the devices, the FOREO UFO 2 comes with a USB charger lead.

Verdict: Is the FOREO UFO 2 worth it? 

Of the three FOREO devices I tried out, this one feels the most luxurious, it’s like a special treat rather than for every day use like the LUNA 3. The facial treatment itself is very relaxing and enjoyable as you navigate the different technologies, my face had a nice glow after each treatment and my skin felt incredibly hydrated.

I really liked the FOREO UFO 2, and although I would need to try it for longer to see the anti-aging effects, I think I would buy the FOREO UFO 2 as a refreshment between my salon treatments.

FOREO’s 6 minute facial review:

What is the FOREO 6 minute facial?

The FOREO 6 minute facial is for busy people who still care for the wellbeing of their skin. FOREO has designed a supercharged treatment that sees the FOREO LUNA 3, BEAR and UFO 2 devices used in collaboration to save time while offering a professional-level facial.

How to do FOREO’s 6 minute facial (step by step)

The FOREO 6 minute facial starts with a one-minute LUNA 3 facial cleanse. The transdermal pulsations travel through the skin and stimulate blood flow while removing dirt, makeup and other impurities trapped within the pores. Feel free to add a quick massage using the back of the device if you have more time. 

Apply serum to the face and move on to three minutes of electrifying microcurrent facial toning with the BEAR. The device works to firm up the 43 muscles in the human face and the 26 muscles in the neck, while making the skin look younger. The T-Sonic pulsations help reenergise and rejuvenate the skin.

Last, but not least, comes two minutes of luxe mindfulness in the form of a FOREO UFO 2 LED light facial. Choose from the 10 different smart masks on offer depending on your mood and skincare needs that day, and then journey through thermo-therapy, cryotherapy and LED light therapy to tackle breakouts, inflammation, improve skin moisture levels and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

FOREO’s 6 minute facial: The verdict

This is an enjoyable combined use of the FOREO devices and it’s pretty easy to learn the order and do again and again through the week. Once the face is cleansed with the LUNA 3, it’s actually possible to do the rest in bed or as you wander around the house getting ready for bed – and there’s an incredible sense of achievement in getting such a thorough skincare regime done so quickly. The results are also pretty solid. The skin feels softer, more hydrated and oil-free after the facial. It’s brighter to look at, and the next morning it still feels soft and looks clearer. On the day I did the FOREO 6 minute facial first thing in the morning, the skin remained bright for up to five hours after the facial. 

FOREO Review: FAQs

How effective is FOREO?

The UFO 2 has shown to improve skin moisture levels by 126% after only 90 seconds, with the effect lasting up to 6 hours. UFO 2 has also been clinically proven to significantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles in just seven days, while the LUNA 3 eliminates up to 99.5% of accumulated toxins, this includes traces of makeup, excess sebum and dead cells.

Is FOREO good for your skin?

FOREO devices are made with materials that are kind to even sensitive skin, as are their smart-masks, serums and cleansers

Do dermatologists recommend FOREO?

Yes, a number of dermatologists recommend FOREO devices to their patients.

FOREO Review: Does FOREO really work?

Using all the FOREO devices on their own and as a combination over the space of the two weeks has left my skin much improved in terms of how smooth it looks and feels, and the fact it no longer looks dull from the onslaught of winter weather.

My skin feels firmer around my cheek bones and tighter around my jawline but best of all I feel good about doing something that’s helping rejuvenate my skin and facial muscles – all without too much effort! I do think the FOREO products work – I would say I need to use the BEAR for a longer period to see the full effects.

Is FOREO worth buying?

I think using the BEAR will be something I do once a week, maybe I’ll use the UFO 2 twice a week, but I don’t think I could be without the LUNA 3 because it so easily fits in with my current skin regime. With that in mind, for me, the LUNA 3 is a game changer; I would highly recommend it for a really good cleanse. The other two devices are more specialist in what they provide, the tech is definitely worth the cost and worth considering if you can afford them, or either is the ideal thing to add to your birthday or Christmas wish list.

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