A SUPER cool and super gorgeous female bricklayer is showing guys how the job should be done.

With just 2.9 per cent of bricklayers in the US being female, bada**_brickie is doing her bit to bring more women into the industry.

She records a day at work on her Tiktok channel and so far has attracted over 81k likes.

Many fans raved about the female brickie. One described her as a "super model, super hero.”

Bricklaying is skilful and tough, but, set against a thumping soundtrack, bada**_brickie, makes it look easy – and quick.

Boy, this girl can work at some rate.

Her working day is the equivalent of a lengthy gym session and it shows – she’s in great shape.

This house-builder is modest about her work, saying: “I lay bricks.”

She is breaking the mould in a male-dominated construction industry and hammers it home with a series of hashtags: #bricklayer #empowerment #howtostayfit #womanhood.

TikTok fans have been quick to rave about her brickie skills and work ethic.

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The bada**_brickie at workCredit: TikTok/badass_bricky

“She's better than many men,” said one.

Another said: “I love to watch a Professional at work.”

She even impressed a veteran brickie: “You have great videos and that is hard work. I know I was in construction for over 30 years and you are beautiful lady.”

Others were equally complimentary: “You are amazing to watch, so fluent.”

And: “The production level is off the wall very impressive.”

Finally an offer: “Would you mind building my house please?”

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