It’s no coincidence Indiana cops pulled over Bryan Kohberger, the alleged murderer of 4 University of Idaho students, twice in one day — the stops reportedly happened at the FBI’s behest, as they built a case against him.

As we’ve reported, Kohberger and his father were pulled over on December 15 in Indiana as they were driving cross-country. Police body cameras captured audio and video of Kohberger, who was stopped for driving too close to a truck … but oddly wasn’t ticketed either time.

According to Fox News, that’s because the FBI had been tracking the duo’s trip from Washington State University to Pennsylvania, and needed more evidence. Specifically, the feds reportedly wanted the local cops to get images of Bryan’s hands.

During the first traffic stop, a Hancock County Sheriff’s Deputy had what seemed a strangely extensive convo with Kohberger and his father about their trip — they even discussed a shooting that had occurred that day on the WSU campus.


However, all the while, the cop’s body camera was capturing images of Kohberger. Pretty slick surveillance move by the FBI and the officer.

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