MANY of us will have seen that lip fillers can be pretty hit or miss.

But with more and more people wanting an Instagram worthy pout, it seems that many women are going to extreme lengths to get the lips they desire. 

And one woman got more than she bargained for, after getting her lips plumped with lip filler, only for them to be hugely swollen and much larger than she had hoped. 

The Brazilian influencer, Violeta Bela, lives in Ireland, but decided to jet off to Brazil to get her lips plumped with filler. 

The brunette mum-of-one took to TikTok to share her lip filler fail.

She explained that they went so badly wrong it looked like she was using a filter over her pout. 

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Violeta posted her clip to the video sharing platform with the caption ‘And it’s not a filter 🥴’.

She said: “I went to Brazil to get my lips done.

“And it went like…” 

Violeta started the video by holding up a lip-shaped ice pack, covering her mouth.

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But seconds later, Violeta removed the ice pack, showing off her freshly-plumped lips.

Violeta was left in shock, as her lips were massively swollen. 

Her video has clearly shocked many, as it has quickly racked up 41k views and over 400 likes. 

TikTok users were in disbelief at Violeta’s plump pout and many were confused as to why she got lip filler in the first place. 

One person said: “Violeta, why you were stunning before, so sorry this happened to you.”

Another added: “Holy s**t.” 

A third commented: “Too big.” 

Whilst someone else noted: “You were so pretty. Please don't do anymore of this 🥺”

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Meanwhile, another posted: “Just looked at your older videos. You had amazing lips, what were you thinking?”

Many asked Violeta if she had had a reaction to the lip filler, to which she later said “I don’t know, you guys tell me.”

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