A FULLER-BUSTED woman has shared some of the body shaming she experiences due to her ample chest.

She said in a TikTok video that strangers tell her that her boobs are "nice and big," which makes her feel insecure.

Christine (@lifewchristine) shares online her "digital diary of dining experiences and life."

In a TikTok video, she veered from her normal food-related content to share a transparent message about the body shaming she experiences.

"My boobs are my biggest insecurities ever. I honestly feel super body shame when someone says 'Hey, your boobs are nice and big'," Christine admitted.

Body shaming refers to making inappropriate or harmful comments about someone's body size or shape.

For the entire video, she was visible from the neck up as she spoke to her audience.

One thing she dislikes about her large breasts is that when she's wearing a crop top style, it rides up more than she wants it to.

"I know I should be super grateful because not all bodies come in the same shapes and sizes," she said.

She also shared that one of her friends talked about her behind her back and asked, "How can she breathe in those?"

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The content creator mentioned that there are many days that she wants to wear a "wholesome top" that covers her chest without it riding up.

"When I put it correctly, I just show cleavage," she added. "I'm kind of forced to show cleavage, when I don't want to."

Many women could relate to Christine's words about her body.

"I feel you girlie," a viewer commented.

"No for real. I understand and I’m only 17. I wear a 36DD and I’m not even legal yet. It makes me feel insecure because people my age are a size C or smaller," another shared.

"The clothing industry really needs to be better about making clothes for all body types, making clothes slightly larger or smaller isn't enough,"

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