A DOCTOR has revealed his top three foods for keeping allergies at bay.

The medical professional emphasized the importance of tomato skin.

Dr. Adam Sayedi (@theherbaldocs) showed himself going for a stroll in nature in a TikTok post.

First, Dr. Sayedi recommended pineapple due to the enzyme called bromelain.

"Bromelain helps to fight off respiratory distress, mucosal irritation caused by pollen, and other seasonal allergies," he said.

Next, he suggested stinging nettle, which is an herb.


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"It works by reducing histamine and pro-inflammatory cells that cause symptoms of hay fever," he said.

Finally, he suggested opting to keep the skin on fruits.

"Skin on fruits are sources of quercetin. Now, in short, pollen exposure in the nose and throat stimulates a compound called IgE.

"IgE is responsible for the runny nose and itchiness and hay fever.

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"Skin on fruits like cherry tomatoes, blueberries, and apples have high sources of quercetin, which has proved in clinical studies to reduce the level of IgE in allergic disease," he said.

The video drew in many health-conscious viewers who shared their thoughts in the comment section.

"Thanks so much for this," one wrote.

"Just in time," another added. "My hay fever is ramping it up a level."

"Great advice, doctor," a third commented.

"He forgot honey," one more said. "But it has to be from the same region that you are experiencing allergies."

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