IF YOU have a partner, it’s quite likely that you’ve got cute nicknames for each other.

Whether you call your loved one baby, honey, love or darling – many of us are sure to have something sweet to call our partner.

It’s a way to show affection after all, right?! 

But one husband has admitted that what his wife thinks is a ‘cute’ nickname, is actually something he uses to mock her without her knowing…

Yep, you read that correctly, it’s pretty savage if you ask us.

The man took to Twitter account Fesshole to share his confession and revealed that he uses the nickname for his other half when texting her.

He explained that his wife thinks her nickname is "cute", but little does she know, her man is actually calling her "nasty" without her knowing.

Fesshole encourages Twitter users to reveal their darkest secrets online and that is what his man has done as he revealed his nickname secret. 

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He said: "My wife always starts her text messages to me with 'Hi babe' or "Hun".

"For the last few years I've replied with 'my little Honey Badger'.

"She thinks it's cute but she hasn't twigged that honey badgers are amongst the nastiest, most vicious b*****ds on the planet."

The man’s tweet has clearly got many people talking and has since gone viral.

It has racked up over 7,000 likes and thousands of comments.

But Twitter users were left divided over the man’s confession.

Whilst some people thought it was hilarious, some left sympathy for the woman, whilst others said that by having the nickname, it is still a loving act. 


One person said: "This is brilliant."

Another added: "This has made me laugh way too much and now I shall call my daughter 'honey badger'."

A third commented: "They’re also the most determined and most stoic, also incredibly pugnacious and don’t take cr*p from anyone, they’re also very intelligent."

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