Alan Titchmarsh explains how to repair and protect your lawn

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Spring is set to start in just a matter of days now but with it comes the possibility of rain and even late frost affecting your lawn. As lawn growth slows down over the winter months, mowing is put on pause. Although as the weather gets warmer, the lawn will need to be mowed more frequently. Gardening experts at Gardening Etc have shared tips and tricks on how to mow a lawn to ensure your garden will be the envy of all your neighbours.

The gardening experts said: “Sure, you could just mindlessly run the mower over every month or so, but if you want the best results, then we’ve got the insider secrets. 

“Think of it like a haircut – you could quickly hack it with the kitchen scissors, but it’ll look so much better with a little bit of know-how. 

“Give your lawn the TLC treatment and you’ll be rewarded with beautiful grass to be proud of.”

They explained how timing is key to the best mowing advice.

The experts said: “Timing is everything when it comes to mowing your lawn. 

“The best advice is to avoid cutting your lawn between October and ‘First Cut Sunday’ – usually the first weekend in April (but can also be in early March depending on your region). 

“This is when the soil is warmed and the grass has reawakened from its dormancy. 

“The time in-between allows the lawn to rest during the winter period, when there’s very little growth.”

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This means that gardeners can avoid cutting during wet weather or frosty conditions, which can damage their lawn’s roots.

However, when winter has passed there are a few important tips to follow when mowing your lawn.

Firstly gardeners need to make sure their mower blades are sharp and free from debris.

Gardeners can remove and sharpen the blades themselves or look for a local company online to do it for them.

Once their blades are sharp, they should set the height of their mower to the length they want to cut the grass to.

If unsure on how to do this, check the manufacturer’s instructions.

There are normally levels on each wheel that allow you to move the body of the mower, and therefore the blades, up or down.

If the lawn has got a bit overgrown, resist the temptation to set the mower to its lowest setting.

According the experts, this will just “scalp” the lawn, which damages the blades and can lead to weeds.

The gardening experts said: “Instead, follow the rule of thirds and never cut more than a third of the blades off in one go. 

“This will encourage fresh, healthy growth but start to neaten things up.”

Gardeners should also begin by mowing around the edge of their lawn first and then mow the body of the lawn up and down in straight lines. 

Don’t walk too quickly or it may result in an even cut.

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