A model of an X-Wing Fighter that was used in George Lucas’ 1977 Star Wars: A New Hope recently sold for $2,375,000 USD at auction.

Along with being well-preserved over the decades, the X-wing model is reportedly extremely rare, as most models used in the film were destroyed by pyrotechnics. The fighters are featured in a battle scene at the Death Star towards the end of the movie.

The X-wing was put up for auction by Propstore on Tuesday, about a month after the death of its designer, Colin Cantwell, who passed away at the age of 90.

“The X-wing models were a concept directly from George Lucas, who was thinking about long-bodied dragsters with wings,” Propstore COO Brandon Alinger told Forbes. “They were entirely custom fabricated by a team of expert model makers from the film.”

“What makes this one so wonderful is that it is from the original Star Wars and is the only intact, fully-finished X-wing model from the film’s production that is known to exist today amongst private collectors,” he continued.

According to Alinger, the model can be matched up to behind-the-scenes footage from when the battle sequence was shot in 1976, complete with scratches and airbrush marks from the pyrotechnics.

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