Emma Chamberlain stans, rejoice: The popular YouTube creator has shared her first video on the platform after a six-month break.

The 18-minute video uploaded Wednesday, titled “what’s good in new york,” was captioned simply, “happy to be back.” It’s a kind of travelogue in which the West Coast native roams about New York City, interviewing people she meets on the street.

“This is how I make friends,” Chamberlain says at the beginning, holding a sign that says, “Please let me ask you just ONE question for my cute little YouTube video.” She adds, “Ugh. This is making me feel like a fucking prank channel.”

In the new video, Chamberlain visits a subway station but doesn’t board the train, confessing that she has a “phobia of stepping onto subways and accidentally falling underneath. It’s nothing against subways. It’s just my own personal mental block.” At another point, she says, “This might be the most I’ve ever walked in one day.”

Chamberlain also visits Times Square (“I hate it here so much”) and Central Park and ascends to the top of the Empire State Building — after being told by one local that it’s one of the city’s most overrated destinations — which the building’s official Twitter handle was quick to jump on.

“I feel like I’m in ‘Batman,’” she says on the Empire State Building’s observation deck. She rated the overall experience an “8.5 out of 10.”

In addition, Chamberlain, who turned 21 last month, visits a Mexican restaurant and decides to order a margarita now that she’s of legal drinking age. “It’s delicious, and I hate tequila,” she says. “Confidentially, I’ve thrown it up multiple times.”

Chamberlain, who rose to YouTube fame in 2018 with her unique spin on the vlog format, has 11.5 million subscribers on YouTube and 15.7 million followers on Instagram. She deleted her TikTok account in late 2021, explaining on her Anything Goes podcast, “It seemed like TikTok kept me entertained in the bed to the point where I would stay in bed so much longer. Within the first few days of deleting TikTok, I stopped laying in bed so much because I would get so bored.”

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