Sony Interactive Entertainment has filed a patent for a new technology that would adapt a game’s difficulty to the player’s skill level in real-time, Insider Gaming reported first.

Designed for PlayStation, the technology is called “Adaptive Difficulty Calibration For Skills-Based Activities In Virtual Environments” and relies on algorithms to gauge the player’s expertise in a given game, and then respond accordingly to either challenge them further or dial back the difficulty by making specific game elements easier or harder.

The patent describes that when a player’s performance level fails to match up to the “expected level,” parameters determining the game’s difficulty will be changed automatically to match the standard. Among those changing elements are the speed of movement, delay or hesitation, character strength and the number of competitors they face.

Sony’s technology wouldn’t be employing a blanket level of difficulty, so it’s possible that the technology could dig even deeper into a player’s gaming skills to determine what exactly their strengths and weaknesses are. For instance, some players may fail at car crashes but excel in combat – specific elements that the game could recognize and address.

The patent notes that the technology would continuously evolve its approach as a player hones their skills over time.
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