Nigel Slater sends foodies wild with his accidentally erotic festive tart recipe – as fans joke ‘quince will never be the same’

  • TV chef, 67, said making the tarts were a ‘pleasurable way to spend an afternoon’ 
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Nigel Slater accidentally set social media alight when he posted a picture of his festive quince custard tarts.

The chef, 67, from Wolverhampton, promoted his traditional Christmas recipe on his Instagram account on Sunday.

The fruit tarts have a puff pastry case and are filled with custard and quince which have been stewed in their own syrup.

In the post, the author of ten cookbooks described making the dessert as a ‘pleasurable’ process as he urged his 477,000 followers to try making them at home.

He captioned the post: ‘Not something to hurry, but a pleasurable way to spend a quiet afternoon in the kitchen and worth every minute of your time.

Nigel Slater set social media alight on Sunday when he posted this accidentally erotic photo of a quince tart

‘The quinces need to be cooked until completely soft then left to cool in their syrup which is then boiled down for the glaze.’

Offering an alternative, the chef added: ‘You could make them with apples should quinces prove evasive.’

Alongside this, Nigel posted a picture of the finished fruit tart – which viewers thought looked rather suggestive. 

One fan replied: ‘This should definitely be the cover of your next book: “Tarts”.’ 

Another joked: ‘I hope these aren’t in store because NOT ONE MAN CAN FIND THEM.’ 

‘A quince will never be the same,’ a third commented. 

After reading through the comments, a fourth user said: ‘How wonderful that no one literally ever grows up.’ 

What’s more, the post also caught the attention of a few of Nigel’s celebrity fans.

Fellow TV chef Jaime Oliver added: ‘Hahahaah merry Christmas.’

The chef (pictured), 67, from Wolverhampton, promoted his traditional Christmas recipe on his Instagram account on Sunday.

Nigel’s post sparked a social media frenzy – and his 477,000 followers joked about the suggestive look of the dessert

Meanwhile, model Kelly Brook joked: ‘Wish mine looked like that.’

Dr Karen Yang – who boasts 150,000 Instagram followers –  then added: ‘Me, a Gynaecologist, wondering why followers were DMing me posts about pastry.’

In his most recent post, Nigel addressed the accidental social media frenzy he sparked with his photo. 

The chef wrote: ‘Gracious me, thank you for all your likes and comments on my last post. Some absolute gems there.’ 

‘It made for a very entertaining Sunday,’ one fan told him.

‘Have a relaxing [Christmas] Nigel,’ another added. ‘The last post was a classic one. and not easily forgotten.’

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