It’s no surprise that the price of Patek Philippe‘s 5711 has exploded since its discontinuation, but now another model from the Nautilus line is experiencing a bump in price.

This news is largely contributed to a rumor floating around that Patek Philippe could be de-listing its more complicated 5712A model. The watch sports a moonphase, month, and power reserve indicator along with a small seconds display. On the secondary watch marketplace Chrono24, the rumor has already affected prices, sending the sale price up 20 percent from its $80,000 USD price dip in the summer of 2020 to now closer to $115,000 USD. This could also slightly be because of the 5711’s ridiculous price which has left many seeking alternatives.

In other watch news, Bobby Shmurda rocks Rolex Sky-Dweller as the first watch since his release.
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