Make room for a box of tissues on whatever surface is closest to you, because Chloe Bailey released an Adele cover, and we are not OK. On Dec. 9, the “Have Mercy” singer shared a video of herself performing “Easy on Me” from Adele’s new album, 30, and belting out every high note like it was made for her, all from the comfort of an armchair. Sitting in front of the mic, Bailey tilted her head from side to side, easing into the intro as the gentle piano melody started to play. But it only took seconds before she began to hum and break our hearts with her powerhouse vocals.

A little over a minute into the video, Bailey treated us to her whistle register à la Mariah Carey, letting us revel in the beauty of her voice before bringing it back down and effectively reminding us that even heartbreak can sound beautiful with a voice that great. Fellow celebrity Yara Shahidi hopped into the comments section to say that the cover gave her “chills,” and we’re right there with her on that. Give Bailey’s incredible “Easy on Me” cover a listen for yourself above, and enjoy a not-so-heartbreaking take on 30 by Seth Rogen here.

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