As a part of its Gucci Vault, the Italian fashion brand continues to cement itself into the digital world with a new project that takes the world of luxury to NFTs.

The latest initiative, titled 10KTF Gucci Grail aims to widen the Gucci Vault experience. Wagmi-san has partnered with Alessandro Michele to take inspirations from his designs to create these ad hoc outfits and accessories available for the digital shop 10KTF. Wagmi-san dressed PFPs from 11 selected NFT collections including from popular series Bored Ape, World of Women and Cool Cats.

PFPs, which stand for “Picture for Proof” are NFT versions of profile pictures that allow collectors to use as their portraits. The creations generated in collaboration between Wagmi-san and Michele include two custom Gucci looks, available in several colors. Both are respectively inspired by the Aria and Love Parade collections. Seeing that the brand is already involved with NFTs, the move towards personalized virtual garments is only a natural progression.

Three groups of people who already own a PFP and are members of the Gucci Vault community on Discord, as well as those who already inhabit Wagmi-san’s New Tokyo, will have a chance to redeem their crystal ball and choose between different Gucci looks and receive their customizable digital avatars. Only a limited number of users will be dressed in Gucci in the metaverse, continuing the brand’s exclusivity. For more information check out Gucci.

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