Naga Munchetty questions Kate Bell on rising fuel prices

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Good Morning Britain star Susanna Reid, 44, has taken to Twitter to support her daytime TV rival Naga Munchetty after a troll criticised her ‘interview’ with Grant Shapps – but Naga pointed out this alleged interview never took place. 

Naga received the comment earlier today from the Twitter user. 

@Nedneds wrote: “Just had to turn @TVNaga01 off again, interviewing Grant Schapps. (sic)

“Then she starts the normal childish na na na na na let’s blame you, so tiresome.” 

The TV presenter responded, saying that she “wasn’t working” that morning and retorted with a comeback. 

She wrote: “Sally. I’m not at work today.

“Maybe you should turn off your default setting of hate instead? 

“Have a lovely day. X.”

Susanna then responded with a love heart to Naga’s tweet in show of support.

Sally has since deleted the original tweet going after Naga, and some users came back with retorts. 

Along with a screenshot of the deleted tweet, Aalytaa4192 wrote: “Sally doesn’t live here anymore think she lives on a Russian bot farm.” 

@Thom4phil penned: “Well done Naga, this is how you put trolls in their place.”

@Scutler67 said: “Ohh feel the burn…..

“Unless you have defected I believe Grant Shapps was in ITV and it possibly would have been Ranvir Singh….

“I suppose easy to confuse, both strong women in your own individual right!”

@Tigerboy6 said: “With only 8 followers, Naga, I’d say she’s a bot.”

@Thinduke4 commented: “What makes someone wake up and feel the need to be negative.

“How about starting the day with a good stretch and smile and greet the world with a “good morning and enjoy your day.”

“See how much better that makes you feel.”

On the show this morning, Victoria Derbsyhire stood in for Naga as she was away from the BBC today. 

Some fans were taken aback to find  Naga was not in her regular post.

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