Burgeoning British brands continue to rise up. While The UK continues to endure political turmoil and an ongoing cost of living crisis, rising labels are managing to stay creative and keep their heads above water.

London Fashion Week has come and gone, having brought fashion-hungry onlookers to British streets hoping to glimpse new collections from the world’s finest. Hypebeast Flea hosted dozens of emerging brands in an interactive pop-up for a chance to grow their platforms, from Peachy Den to Robyn Lynch and AELIZA. While independent designers are preparing for battle, streetwear brands far and wide are diving headfirst into local creative scenes.

The UK’s buzzing streets are overwhelmed with heavy-hitting talent looking to make a statement. Last year, we closed 2022 by highlighting ten British brands, from A1 Denim, through to splitdat, who went on to achieve amazing things throughout 2023. As we slowly enter the new year, Hypebeast outlines ten UK brands to keep an eye on in 2024. Read on to discover who you need to put on your radar this upcoming year.


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Octi/Hollie Fernando

Hot off the heels of its collaboration with Story mfg., London-based jewelry brand Octi is producing the hottest accessories in the UK. Octi is attracted to the great outdoors, exploring the shapes and patterns found within Mother Nature. The brand designs wearable sculptures that honor our planet and home, using discarded fruits and vegetable casings inside precious metals. The microscopic fractures are cemented inside necklaces, bracelets, and rings, designed with recycled materials in its London studio.

Octi’s Archipelago chains are fan favorites, currently available on its website for anywhere from £1,700 to £13,000 GBP. The bracelets and necklaces use inscribed chainlinks in 925 silver, featuring swirling patterns for a unique look. Dwindled cabbage leaves hang from thin chains as pendants, while sculptural rings and earrings are fitted with glistening stones.

Sage Nation

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Sage Nation

Sage Nation has been making waves across the fashion industry, growing faster than ever with no signs of slowing down. Founded during the COVID-19 pandemic by Sage Toda-Nation, he blends Japanese and British heritage with a multi-cultural approach. Sage Nation utilizes premium Japanese materials and construction techniques to create genderless collections that miss traditional fashion schedules. The garments often focus on minimalism and intricate tailoring, paying close attention to detail across staple wardrobes.

The brand’s most recent Fall/Winter 2023 installment introduced fresh outerwear, knitwear, and shirting options, mutually crafted with oversized outlines to combat gloomy UK weather. The breathable designs are packed with hidden surprises and arrive in a slew of complementary Earth tones.

LostBoys Channel

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Lostboys Channel

Fashion, music, and events collective LostBoys Channel is Nottingham’s largest union of creative specialists. 5EB, Marts, S5, Luke Akoto, Mullz, Migg, Chef, Fez, Ronin, and Eddz are the ten leading members, building a family-like community where people can let loose and have a good time. The group keeps creativity at its core, supporting each others’ unique visions while collaborating on full-fledged projects that have migrated onto global stages.

The LostBoys have also launched their own clothing line, creating a cohesive array of garments grounded in British culture. The brand recently released a graphic line-up of vibrant football jerseys featuring chest and arm badges in red and purple hues. The LostBoys’ cozy tracksuits are always highly anticipated, boasting standard cursive lettering on premium textiles and oversized silhouettes.

Carter Young

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Carter Young

Detroit-born, London-based designer Carter Altman has extensive industry experience under his belt, having graduated from New York University and working closely with Kith‘s Nick Annacone, local designer Helmut Lang, and 1017 ALYX 9SM founder Matthew M. Williams.

Soon after graduation, Altman launched his eponymous label, Carter Young, and learned from industry experts who have amassed great success. The brand’s South London studio cooks up American workwear for British audiences, focusing on elevated tailoring crafted from premium materials with an old-school feel. His relaxed style is constantly present, creating unisex uniforms for modern-day youth.

NSLB (youwasndtder)

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Founded by fashion content creator and fitness enthusiast Femvp, NSLB stands as a community that continues to grow with each passing day, using fitness as a way to socialize and “test one’s self-discipline.” Additionally, the collective has enabled a plethora of like-minded young men to connect on a personal level – with Corteiz founder Clint419 and artistOlaolu Slawn often spotted at meet-ups – through the power of running, calisthenics, and reading.

With this in mind, the label’s corresponding fashion line is becoming one of the fastest-growing imprints in the country, aligning with its mantra: “Get Fit, Get Money, Secure the Family,” to inspire others to get involved while wearing its understated, yet graphic-heavy styles as a uniform that wants its wearers to become the best version of themselves.


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Founded by Beatrice King and her partner, David Farrell, London-based brand Sturla reconnects Britain with its natural elements. Sturla recently debuted at London Fashion Week with an all-new installation titled “Momentary Detachment.” The occasion allowed attendees to lay back and relax, opening a calm oasis in the city center.

Sturla combines form and function across co-ed collections made from sustainable textiles. The experimental label often highlights fresh design methods and recently used wet felt to regrow natural wool fibers caused by synchronized heat and motion, resulting in a unique gradient finish that never duplicates. Sturla’s unisex and tech-forward garments are proudly made on UK soil, taking inspiration from nationwide landscapes and alfresco scenery.

Florence Black

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Florence Black

Emerging label Florence Black is a tribute to its founder’s grandfather and his love for British tailoring. Arthur Vincent was an old-school timekeeper in the 1950s, traveling around the UK to test local running competitions. He kept a well-dressed demeanor, always clad in impeccable tailoring that allowed him to stand out from the crowd. He was immortalized in a photograph of British runner Roger Bannister shot after completing the first sub-four-minute mile, standing in the background with renowned elegance. Florence Black’s concealed founder searched through Vincent’s wardrobe 60 years later, astounded by vintage silhouettes with seamless finishes.

Florence Black was born in 2018 and produces refined clothing to last a lifetime. The label is cemented in quality craftsmanship and an individualistic mentality, continuously taking inspiration from 1960s styling through sleek garments that never stray from originality. The brand’s latest collection is drenched in neutral tones, communicating the founder’s troubling life experiences.


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Since unveiling its latest collection at London Fashion Week, LUEDER has risen as one to watch. The London-based brand challenges tradition through otherworldly motifs grounded in futuristic streetwear, putting an apocalyptic twist on Gen-Z wardrobes. Designer Marie Lueder uses freedom of expression to reflect evolving environments, creating hybrid ensembles that balance multiple realms. Her medieval fascinations live inside LUEDER’s identity, caring for her surroundings through sustainable craftsmanship and upgraded materials.

LUEDER’s new “Journeyman” collection explored London in ruin, presenting unsettling human life informed by Kevin Reynolds’ 1995 sci-fi film Waterworld. The brand’s intergalactic identity reigned supreme, seeing dynamic uniforms mimicking ultra-modern armor to combat the end of times. LUEDER collaborated with artist Thomas P. Grogan, designer Rosie Broadhead, and 4FSB on twirling silver accessories, healing knitwear, and bespoke headgear.


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Cease founder Daniel Pacitti is making a name for himself through high-quality streetwear with a story to tell. The designer previously worked as a stylist for Supreme, Stone Island, and C.P. Company, gaining global recognition across fashion-forward communities. Pacitti wants to reshape youth culture across Europe and beyond, showing a clear understanding of global trends and hype-worthy brands. He founded Cease with his close friend Ethan Pylypiw, outlined as his passion project targeting good people buying suitable clothing.

Cease is a culmination of fashion and music, seeing Pacitti and Pylypiw mix tasteful tunes for their friends and family, aiming to throw parties that showcase Cease’s personality. The brand draws attention to old-school designs, seen across its 20oz camber fleece, heat-reactive bandanas, and printed tees.


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London-based vintage expert Louis Holsgrove is deep inside the bustling UK fashion scene, making a name for himself through heavy-hitting luxury garments from the 1990s and ’00s. From Prada Sport to Nike ACG and C.P Company, Holsgrove has cemented his expertise, expanding on his love for refined dress with his new line, .blank.

.blank is a bespoke label grounded in technicality, delivering functional garments made from breathable materials with resistant technology. The vintage-inspired designs can be worn in multiple ways, taking to Instagram in September to share new pieces on the way. This includes zipped collared shirts, pipped tees, and multi-use jackets with arm, chest, and back zippers in vibrant hues.
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