That didn’t take long … President Biden‘s dog, Major, is likely back in the dog house after a new biting incident at the White House, and this one sounds more serious.

A White House spokesperson tells us, “Major is still adjusting to his new surroundings and he nipped someone while on a walk. Out of an abundance of caution, the individual was seen by WHMU and then returned to work without injury.”

As we reported, photogs got a shot of Major out for a walk Monday on the South Lawn, and he was on a leash. It’s unclear who was walking the pup at the time.

Remember … Major was sent back to Delaware earlier this month after he nipped at a White House staffer. The Prez said that time the bite didn’t break skin.

Major and Biden’s other dog, Champ, were just invited back to the White House after getting some extra training … but it sounds like Major might need more work on his discipline.

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