Our Yorkshire Farm: Amanda Owen reveals water issues

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Amanda Owen, 46, has taken to social media to “set the record straight” after one of her recent Instagram posts sparked backlash. The Our Yorkshire Farm star, who stars in the Channel 5 show alongside her husband Clive Owen and their nine children, was accused of “selling out” by some of her fans after she shared a snap alongside her son Miles promoting the use of Crave Pet Food protein strips and chunks for their sheepdog Midge.

In view of her 325,000 followers, Amanda captioned the post: “A treat every now and then does no harm and Midge loves @cravepetfooduk protein strips and chunks.

“Sheepdogs are highly intelligent and extremely energetic so we use the CRAVE treats with 100% natural chicken or beef as a reward for good behaviour #satisfytheirnature.”

One Instagram user replied to the post: “Nooo don’t sell out to these companies keep it real!”

Another added: “Sad to see that you have started to endorse products Amanda.

“Part of the appeal of your program has been your isolation from the commercial rat-race.

“Please don’t let them spoil you and your beautiful family.”

However, the mum-of-nine has been quick to hit back at the critical comments by declaring that “education and life doesn’t come cheap” as her daughter Raven finishes her biomedical science degree.

She responded: “Right well it’s time to set the record straight.


“I encourage the children to follow whatever paths they choose in life, to be ambitious & that they should themselves strive to achieve their own personal goals.

“Raven is studying at Biomedical science at university, she works part time in supermarket and does voluntary work in the hospital. 

“She does the advertising work, she gets paid.”

According to Yorkshire Live, Amanda argued: “Education and indeed life doesn’t come cheap and therefore if a paid advertising opportunity arises and the product is genuinely good then why should you not.”

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It comes as many of Amanda’s fans rushed to defend her decision to promote various products online.

“Great photo. Of course treats will be part of the sheepdog training. You won’t be losing this follower,” a social media user penned.

Another commented: “Can’t believe people are whinging about her doing an advert? So what nothing wrong with it at all. Don’t like it don’t follow her. Some people need to get a life.”

The Yorkshire Shepherdess’ defiant response to the complaints comes after she opened up about her working life on the farm had been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Amanda admitted the family had been reliant on tourists in previous years, which became an unreliable source of income due to several lockdowns.

She said: “I know a lot of people will think ‘Well, not a lot has changed with your life as a shepherd’ and while it may seem like in the countryside, the pandemic is so very far away but that’s actually not the case.

“In the first instance, we have diversified as a farm and we are very reliant on tourists.”

Amanda continued to the Mirror Online: “The first six months of the year is very hands-on with the sheep throughout the winter but, come the end of lambing season, we’re looking after people instead, shepherding tourists.

“Of course, that never happened last year – the people never came.”

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