Kate Beckinsale reveals ‘fake sneeze’ to Jimmy Fallon

Kate Beckinsale has lashed out at her online critics. 

The 50-year-old actress took to Instagram on Sunday to share her thoughts and feelings on the “constant f**kwittery and bullying” she has been receiving from trolls in the last few months.

While she noted that she finds it hard to deal with the hate she receives on the photo-sharing platform, she still believes in the “possibility of it being such a loving and positive force”.

To prove this is possible she shared an example of a positive message she had received from a fan along with a short clip from a previous appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

She recalled how after being on the show – which saw her tell a story about her fake sneeze – a mother of an autistic seven-year-old explained how her son said his first-ever word after being non-verbal.

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Kate began her message by saying: “So – those of you who have been following my stories the last couple of days have definitely had a little insight into the fairly constant fuckwittery and bullying that I can receive pretty regularly on this app.

“What I want to say is first of all, I have been overwhelmed by the number of supportive and incredible messages I have received from kind strangers that outnumber and outweigh the arseholes by two million per cent.”

She then began detailing her touching online encounter, adding: “The second is this , and the reason I feel social media has the possibility of being such a loving and positive force – a few years ago I went on @fallontonight and told this story about my fake sneeze.

“I received a DM a week or so later (which sadly got lost) from a woman who said her autistic 7 year old son had been entirely nonverbal forever, and then became obsessed with this sneezing clip, kept requesting it over and over.”

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“And then suddenly said the first word he has ever said in his life and the word was “Achoo”,” she went on to say.

Kate then thanked all of her fans as she gushed over the “incredible gift” the platform has given her for connecting her with “strangers”.

She concluded her message by addressing her harsh critics, saying: “Unless you are a farty t***ty man who thinks women should stay in the kitchen or some other irritant in which case it’s a gift in the sense of a poo wrapped in some sweating cling film.

“Love you, you the good ones, you the achoo-ing ones xxx,” Kate sweetly noted at the end of her caption.

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Fans were quick to get behind the Pearl Harbor star with many showing their support for her and the wholesome story.

One fan @trisub29 penned: “Kate, you are absolutely hilarious and have such a fantastic view of life! Keep on keeping on and know that we support you 1000%!!! Peace and love to you and yours.”

Another @orfeh said: “Fabulous story (and remarkable sneeze) and you’re a Goddess. And scene.”

While @andreabolley6mom pointed out: “This is the wonder of life. You never know who may gain hope and self-respect from you by one’s gestures and being themselves.”

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