Ding. Ding. Ding.

It is about to be on between Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon in court.

With the most valuable of possessions at stake between the exes: 

Their three-year old son, James. 

The Teen Mom OG cast member and Glennon have been at extreme odds ever since their split in 2019, with Portwood having been arrested at one point for an alleged assault against her baby daddy.

In response, Glennon broke up with Portwood.

Understandably so, of course.

Also in response, Glennon started the legal ball rolling to have full custody of the former couple’s toddler.

In June, an insider told The Sun that Portwood and Glennon were hoping to avoid and ugly battle in court and work things out behind closed door.


“The last mediation they had didn’t go favorably for Amber,” this source told the aforementioned outlet, adding several weeks ago:

“They’ve been trying to work out an agreement in mediation.”

Due to this failure, the case is likely headed to court.

And Glennon is prepared, The Sun now reports, having just hired attorney Jessie Darlene Cobb-Dennard.

A lawyer who specializes in family law, domestic relations mediation, criminal law and general civil litigation, Cobb-Dennard was awarded her Juris Doctorate from Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law in Indianapolis, Indiana.

She has major experience in this field.

Andrew was granted primary physical custody of James after Amber’s arrest in July 2019.

The exes share joint legal custody, however, which permits the Teen Mom OG star three unsupervised visits a week with her son.

The MTV personality has also filed a petition to modify parenting time, requesting overnight visitation with James because, she writes, it’s in the “best interest” of James to spend as much time as possible with his mother.

Earlier this year, a judge ruled on this request by ordering Amber and Andrew to attend mediation sessions in order to work out their custody arrangement.

Those sessions did not yield a conclusion, however.

So here we are now.

No trial date has been set for the parties, both of whom appear to have a strong case.

For Portwood, the case is simply that she is James’ mother — and courts nearly always side with a mother when it comes to custody battles.

For Glennon, his case is also simple:

Portwood allegedly attacked him with a machete two years ago, striking a bathroom door behind which Andrew was hiding with this weapon.

She reportedly grew irate with Glennon at the time simply because the family had missed a fireworks show on July 4… and she blamed Andrew for the mishap.

Did we also mention that Glennon was holding James in his arms at the time of this alleged attack?

YIKES, right?

Amid his custody fight with Amber, Andrew has also lashed out via Instagram.

“Gaslighting is when somebody convinces you that what you see, you didn’t see, what you hear, you aren’t hearing, what you feel, you don’t feel,” he wrote this year.

“It’s to convince you that your reality is completely false. Gaslighting is a serious abuse tactic.”

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