By now, you’ve probably heard of more push-up challenges than you can count. But this one may “push” you to your limits.

YouTuber Browney recently posted a video of his extreme take on the Bring Sally Up Challenge—and he took three brave friends for the ride.

Any fitness buff likely knows the infamous Bring Sally Up Challenge. The workout first went viral in the mid-2010s, and came back with a bang during quarantine. The challenge is usually performed to the 2000’s song “Flower” by Moby, which samples a hymn with roots in slavery. For the challenge, participants push up when the song says “up” and move down when the lyrics say “down.”

But the real challenge comes when the song isn’t instructing you to do either, forcing you to hold form in an up or down position for several seconds at a time. And if you break form before the song ends, you fail the challenge.

Browney created his own version of the song (let’s be real, probably to avoid copyright) for his variation of the push-up challenge. The cover song is three minutes and 23 seconds long, which is a few seconds shorter than Moby’s version. But don’t worry. These four boys are still putting in work.

Not only do the dudes resolve to do the challenge every day for 30 days, but they also vow to perform the challenge as many times in a row as possible per day, repeating the song.

Take a look at the video for a full day-by-day breakdown of how the men fair. But, spoiler alert, the participants do make some serious gains throughout the duration of the challenge, especially for the two participants who aren’t workout pros.

And the endurance results? Well, the two especially buff participants who originally maxed out at 42 reps on Day 1 made it to 108 reps by Day 30. Those results may just be worth the pain.

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